How to do the suspended animation of the taskbar in Win11 the solution of suspended animation in the taskbar of Win11[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-24 21:00

  I believe that many computer users often encounter various problems, such as the task of suspended recovering files from a broken external hard drive animation. No matter how you click it, it is useless. In the end, you can only choose to restart the recovering files from a corrupted external hard drive computer. What about the suspended taskbar of the win7 computerToday, I will share with you the recovering files from a damaged external hard drive solution to the false death of the taskbar of the win7 computer.

  Solution to suspended animation in recovering files from an external hard drive mac taskbar:

  1. Close some unnecessary startup programs. The method is to first open the run dialog box recovering files from computer with failed hard drive and enter msconfig, press Enter to open the system configuration window, switch to the "Startup" recovering files from external hard drive brooklyn ny tab, and then uncheck unnecessary startups and click OK the picture shows:

  2. First, right-click recovering files from external hard drive that won' on the taskbar, select the "Start Task Manager" option in the right-click menu, and then start recovering files from hard drive dell studio 1569 the explorer in the process.exe is over, then click "File-New Task" at the top of the window, and recovering files from hard drive that won& 39 then enter "explorer.exe", click the OK the picture shows:

  3. Clean up the system's disk recovering files from hard drive windows wont start fragments by opening "Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter" in turn, select recovering files from western digital external hard drive the C drive, and then click "Analyze", and then start the picture shows:

  4. It recovering files off a usb that wont work is also possible that too many files cause the system's temporary file junk redundancy. It is recommended recovering hard drive data service in atlanta g a to clear the junk files regularly by opening "Start-Run", enter %temp% in the run dialog box, recovering hard drive for sony model dcr sr68 click OK, and then pop up. Delete some useless files in the the picture shows:

  5. To recovering hidden files from usb using command prompt optimize the visual effects, first right-click the computer icon and select properties, then click recovering information fromhard drive with hiren boot cd the "Advanced System" setting on the left in the pop-up interface, and then switch to the "Advanced" recovering information off a broken usb logan utah tab in the pop-up window, and click "under the performance column" "Set" button, and then select the recovering lost data from crashed 360 hard drive time effect "Adjust for best performance" or just keep some necessary the picture shows: