How to make the External phone always use the 4G network to surf the Internet[Win11 Solutions]

36 2021-08-24 20:40

  Because 4G has just come out, the construction of base stations in many places is not complete, so recover files off bad hard drive many 4G mobile phones often lose 4G signals and automatically switch to 3G or even 2G mode for recover files off corrupted hard drive "low-speed" Internet access.So, how to always maintain the 4G mode high-speed networking status in areas recover files off dead hard drive with 4G signals.

  There are several effective methods, each with its advantages and disadvantages: recover files off external hard drive

  Just like the original 3G era, in some areas (such as a shopping mall) there is obviously 4G signal recover files off faulty hard drive coverage, but mobile phones often automatically switch to 3G or even 2G mode, and the high-speed recover files off formatted hard drive 4G network is not used and the turtle is connected quickly.The reason is that the instantaneous 4G recover files off hard drive crashed network is lost, causing the system to automatically access other networks.If you are lucky, your phone recover files off hard drive free will be connected to 4G signal again after a while, and if you are unlucky, your phone will always recover files off laptop hard drive maintain the next best 3G or even 2G network.When encountering the above problems, we can reconnect recover files off mac hard drive to the 4G network in three ways.

  Switch airplane mode

  If you are not afraid to miss an important recover files on a hard drive call within a minute, we can switch the phone to airplane mode, and then turn off airplane mode recover files on bad hard drive after the airplane mode icon appears in the signal bar.At this time, the mobile phone will search the recover files on corrupt usb drive current network again, and naturally it will give priority to re-enter 4G mode when there is a 4G recover files on corrupted hard drive signal.

  Disadvantages: When turning on and off the flight mode, the signal will be lost, and the recover files on corrupted usb drive phone message will be missed

  Search network operator

  If you are not in a hurry to connect to the recover files on external drive hidden Internet, you can enter "Settings → Mobile Network", make sure the mode is set to "4G/3G/2G (Auto)" ( recover files on hard drive free Figure 1), click "Network Operator", about 2 to 3 minutes After that, a list of all currently available recover files on hard drive mac networks will be listed. After clicking on "China Mobile 4G", the mobile phone will be forced to recover files on my hard drive connect to the 4G network (Figure 2).

  Disadvantages: It takes a long time to search for the recover files on nondetected hard drive operator's network, and the Internet can't be accessed during this period

  Start 4G in engineering mode

recover files on raw hard drive   If you don't want to miss the call and are too lazy to wait, you can restart the 4G network through recover files on ssd hard drive engineering mode.Take the OPPO mobile phone as an example, enter "*#*#4636#*#*" on the dial panel recover files on usb windows 10 to enter the engineering mode (Figure 3), and change the "Set preferred network type" to "LTE only" recover files stored on internal hardrive in the mobile phone information (Figure 3). 4) Next, enter the phone "Settings→Mobile Network", and recover files that external drive overwritten change the network mode from "4G only" back to "4G/3G/2G (automatic)".

  Disadvantages: long code, recover files toshiba external hard drive not easy to remember

  In 4G only mode, normal calls can't be made. Modifying LTE only in engineering recover files windows 7 hard drive mode is to allow the network to automatically lock the 4G signal, and changing back to 4G/3G/2G in recover firefox bookmarks from hard drive the settings is to ensure normal communication.Please rest assured, the phone has locked 4G signal recover firefox bookmarks old hard drive at this time.