USB drive installation of Windows 11 complete step by step process

28 2021-08-01 11:54

  Nowadays, there are two main ways to install Windows 11: the first is to install Windows 11 directly in an existing system, and the second is to install Windows 11 system by making a physical media system disk. Here, we use the dual system approach to install Windows 11. Here we tell our beginner friends how to install two systems in one computer.

  Step 1: Prepare a separate partition for the new system

  1. If you just want to experience the Win8 system, then installing dual system is a good way, in other words, install the new system in a separate partition. Before installing the system we need to repartition the local hard drive to get the separate space needed to install the system. There are many ways to partition your hard drive, and you can use some hard drive management software to achieve this, but if you are a Windows 7 system user, it is relatively simple to operate the hard drive partition without having to choose other software.

  2, Note: If you only install a new system and do not keep the existing system, this paragraph can be skipped.

  3, first, the right mouse click on the computer, and then select Management, which will enter the computer management interface.

  4, Windows 7 system management applications have been quite intelligent and advanced, each system-level operations can be better run. Next, click into Disk Management in the Computer Management interface, after which we will be able to see the details of the entire hard disk partition.

  5, then we have to free up some hard disk space for the new system, if you already have a free partition you can skip the following steps. Select a partition with more free capacity, right-click and select Compressed Volume, then enter the required capacity size, the recommended capacity is 20GB or more, and more than 20480MB of hard disk space. (Note: Try not to choose the system partition)  

  6, after compressing the volume will form a new partition on the side of the original partition, the next partition to format. Right-click the new partition and select New Simple Volume, select the drive number you want in the Assign Drive Number and Path step (such as E disk), and then always next.  

  7, after this series of steps, the partition designed for the new system installation is ready. Next we can install the Windows 11 operating system into this hard drive partition, so that it will not overwrite the original system, but also to experience the fun of the new system, and easy to remove the user.

  8 It is important to note that if this dialog box appears when the last new partition is created, you must choose No, otherwise your hard drive will be tragic. The solution is to use hard drive management software to convert this partition into a logical partition so that the prompt to convert a basic disk into a dynamic disk does not appear. Remember, dynamic disks are not suitable for general users, do not convert!  



  Step 2: Use the software to write the image to the USB drive

  1, before using the USB drive to install Windows 11 system, we need to prepare some tools to create a system installation disk. The first is to prepare the capacity of 4GB or more USB drive (4GB can be), then the Windows 11 system image file, followed by the available burning software, here we use UltraISO, a burning software to burn the system.

  2, first we open UltraISO this software, and then click File - Open - select the Windows 11 system image file, confirm that after opening you can see the entire image within the software interface all the file information. After confirming that the file is correct, continue with our installation steps.

  3, next to start making the system installation disk, click Start - Write Hard Disk Image.  

  4, into the burning interface, in the hard drive section to select the writeable USB drive drive letter, to confirm that there is no error, click write, and wait a while.

  5, after about ten minutes of waiting, the entire installation file will be saved in the USB drive, and then we can use this USB drive to install Windows 11 operating system. In fact, the USB drive system is similar to the CD-ROM system, except that the physical media used is different and the writing speed is also different. For notebooks like Ultrabooks that are not equipped with an optical drive, the value of the USB drive to install the operating system is well reflected.

  6, finally is the USB drive to install Windows 11 operating system is the first step, turn on the computer power, before entering the system boot click the keyboard "F12 key" (different models of computer keys are different, some are "F11", "F1" and so on) to enter the boot manager, and then select the USB drive with system files, click to enter the operating system installation interface.  

  Step 3: System installation, pay attention to choose the right partition oh

  The installation interface of Windows 11 is similar to that of Windows 7, and according to Microsoft, Windows 7 can be directly upgraded to Windows 11, but as a preview version we do not recommend users to upgrade directly. The Windows 11 consumer preview is available in Simplified Chinese.

  Windows 11 Consumer Preview offers Simplified Chinese, so in the beginning we select the default language (Simplified Chinese) and then click Next to prepare for the installation.  

  At the beginning of the installation, we need to enter the product key for Windows 11 OS in order to proceed with the installation below. Windows 11 is different from Windows 7, which can be activated by bypassing the key, so you must enter the correct product key to activate the system before proceeding with the installation.

  After reading the license terms, check the box "I accept the license terms" and click Next.

  Next, we will see two system installation modes, the first is to upgrade the system, and the second is to customize the installation. We can choose the installation according to our situation, here we want to install dual system, so choose the second custom to continue the installation process.  

  After entering the custom installation mode, we will see the list of hard drive partitions, select the new partition previously prepared to install the system. (If you are reinstalling the system, select the partition of the original system, click Drive Options - Format, wait until the formatting is complete and select the partition and continue the installation in the next step.) 

  Immediately after that we will see the installation screen, the system is installing and needs to wait for a while, depending on the installation method (USB drive, hard drive or optical drive) the writing speed varies. Once the installation is complete, the system will automatically reboot.

  After the reboot, we will see a new boot manager, which is a major change in Windows 11 system, different from the previous character style interface, graphic and can be operated with the mouse to select the system, can be said to be a new experience.
  Choose to enter the Windows 11 system for the final installation, after which a new interface will be displayed in front of us. Operating systems focus on experience, the new Windows 11 system brings a different interactive interface for users, the system application is more simple and clear, easy to operate.

  Here, the whole process of installing Windows 11 with USB drive is over. Roughly speaking, the whole process took nearly half an hour. Windows 11 can be used as a taster, and it's not too late to use it as your main operating system after you get used to it.

  USB drive installation of Windows 11 complete step by step process