Kimtigo solidstate drive SM2258XT master card successfully opened tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

36 2021-08-24 20:30

  The Jintike S300 solid state drive has been used for a long time, but there have been problems lost pictures recovered file fragments usb recently. I often don't recognize the drive, or it's stuck in the boot interface and can't enter the low cost hard drive data recovery system. It seems to be broken. Fortunately, the solid state drive can be opened to solve the problem. low cost hard drive recovery 93063 The disk recognition problem can be repaired by itself, provided that the corresponding card opening low cost hard drive recovery software software is available. Open it to see what the main control is. It is found that it is SM2258XT. low level hard drive recovery software This main control has a large number of card opening tools, so it can be repaired by itself. Check The lowest cost hard drive data recovery flash memory of the solid state drive is TAMMZGSTB3J4 738A. I don't know what it is. I can only try mac book recover hard drive dat a different card opening software one by one. After trying many versions, it doesn't work. The card mac broken hard drive data recovery opening software recognizes 1024M by default, and there is no chip model. Find the version of the card mac data recovery bad hard drive opening tool that can open the card, that is SM2258XT MPTool Q0914B card opening tool.

  In addition, mac data recovery damaged hard drive I found that the capacity in the card setting is very important, setting 128G, 120G, 100G.All mac data recovery externally connected drive failed, only 90G can be set to pass. It is estimated that there are too many bad blocks in the flash mac data recovery failed hard drive memory, which is already less than 120G. The following is the parameter setting diagram for opening mac data recovery hard drive free the card. You can refer to it.

  The picture above is a picture of the main control and flash memory mac deleted file recovery hard drive that you can see when you open the ssd. Download the SM2258XT MPTool Q0914B card opening tool. After mac emergency recovery usb with onyx opening it as shown below, note that the ssd needs to be converted from USB to SATA, that is, the mac external hard drive failure recovery mobile hard disk box is connected to the USB port to be able to open the card. Tool recognition, this mac external hard drive file recovery reel card does not need to short-circuit J1, it can be recognized directly.

  The card opening mac external hard drive format recovery software has recognized the ssd, you can see the capacity

  Click this location to identify what the flash mac external hard drive recovery free memory is.

  The following figure shows the flash memory information identified by this ssd, you mac failed hard drive data recovery can see that it is intel 256GB, which is the same when opening the card setting.

  Click the parameter mac file recovery external hard drive option to set up the card, the password for opening the card is two spaces, the flash location is mac formatted hard drive data recovery selected according to the flash memory recognized by your ssd, and the disk size is 90GB here.

  Then mac hard drive crashed data recovery save the settings, click the test option, and then click start to open the card, and wait for mac hard drive crashed recover dat a success. If it is unsuccessful, you can refer to the card opening tutorials of other Huirong master solid mac hard drive data recovery london state drives on the mass production network. You can succeed by learning more.