Warcraft/cf fullscreen settings applicable to all games under Win11[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-24 20:20

  Warcraft full-screen settings, cf full-screen settings, the method in this article is applicable best external hard drive data recovery software mac to all games that can't be full-screen under win7 system.The situation that games such as Warcraft or best file recovery formatted hard drive tom's hardware cf can't be full screen often occurs on laptops.

  I encountered a laptop today, the system is win7 best file recovery software for external hard drive , the fault phenomenon is that the screen of Warcraft (Frozen Throne) can't be run in full screen, best free bootable usb recovery for windows 7 and there are black borders on the top, bottom, left, and right.As shown in the figure:

  I searched best free data recovery software corrupted hard drive the Internet for the way to set the full screen of Warcraft, and the answers are various, and there best free hard drive recovery software for mac are all kinds of things, it seems that there are other things like full screen patches for games.In best free hard drive recovery software windows 7 fact, it's not that troublesome, just a few simple operations can make Warcraft, cf and other games best free recovery data from bad hard drive display in full screen.(Note: This article uses Warcraft as an example to explain the full-screen best free recovery software for external hard drive setting method for everyone, other games can be set according to this method)

  How to set the full best free recovery software for formatted hard drive screen of Warcraft:

  Press the Win key + R key to open the run window, enter regedit, press Enter to best free software for recovering hard drive dat a open the registry, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--SYSTEM--ControlSet001--Control-- GraphicsDrivers--Configuration, best free tools for recovering hard drive dat a then right-click Configuration, select Find, enter Scaling, and click Scaling can be seen best hard drive data recovery app for mac in the right frame, right-click scaling and select modify, the value inside can be filled in 2 or 3 best hard drive recovery software for windows 8 or 4.As shown in the figure:

  The following respectively explain what the corresponding values best laptop hard drive data recovery usb adapter mean:

  When the value is 2, there will be black borders around the screen of the Warcraft game, as shown best linux os usb password recovery for windows in the figure:

  When the value is 3, the Warcraft screen only has black borders on the left and best program to recover data from hard drive right sides, as shown in the figure:

  When the value is 4, the World of Warcraft screen is displayed best program to recover deleted files from usb on a full screen, as shown in the figure:

  You can modify the corresponding value according to best program to recover files from hard drive your needs to achieve the full screen of the game under win7.