Demystifying the worlds fastest external hard drive with 1500MB/S developed by the post80s generation in China[Win11 Solutions]

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  A piece of cut cake is hundreds of dollars, but a hard drive of the same size as cut cake costs 30 mac os x lion recovery usb download ,000 yuan!What kind of hard drive is this so expensive?.Recently, it has been reported in China that mac os x lion recovery usb drive two post-80s entrepreneurs have developed the world's fastest hard disk with a read and write speed mac os x recover data hard drive of up to 1500MB/sec and up to 310,000 I/0 reads and writes per second.What is the concept of such a mac os x recover formatted hard drive speed.Let's take an example: the read and write speed of the mechanical hard disk of a desktop mac os x recovery new hard drive computer is 100-200MB/sec, and the number of I/0 reads and writes per second can't exceed 1000 times.

   mac os x recovery usb on windows What kind of hard disk can have such a fast speed.How does it achieve such amazing performance.

  More mac os x windows 10 recovery usb expensive than cutting cake

  Cut cakes are ancient military rations, while hard drives are modern mac recover boot camp hard drive space high-tech products. The price is so different.As we can see from the photos, the hard drives developed mac recover data from damaged hard drive by two entrepreneurs born in the 1980s are different from the traditional hard drives that mac recover data from formatted hard drive everyone has seen. These weird-looking hard drives are called solid-state drives.Even so, netizens are mac recovery files to install from usb still quite unfamiliar with them. It turns out that it is not the same as the household solid-state mac recovery hard drive not showing up hard drives we have seen.

  Solid-state hard drives developed by two post-80s entrepreneurs

  The mac recovery mode copy files to usb ordinary household solid-state hard drives we use are currently developed to the third generation, with mac safe mode to recover external drive Samsung 840PRO, Vector, Plextor M5P and other household solid-state drives as the leader, the maximum mac software to create bootable recovery usb read and write speed is only 570MB/sec, the number of I/O writes per second is 100,000 Times or macbook air 10 6 recovery usb drive so.The solid state drives developed by the two generations born in the 1980s have about three times macbook air internet recovery no hard drive the performance of our home solid state drives. Perhaps the solid state drive manufacturers should macbook air usb boot internet recovery solution consider accommodating these two geniuses.

  The solid state drive invented by two post-80s entrepreneurs macbook live usb recovery from windows 10 is called PCI-E native solid state drive, which is different from our usual solid state drive. macbook pro boot recover locked hard drive Its appearance is quite similar to the graphics card, but the working principles of the two types of macbook pro hard drive crash data recovery solid state drives Are connected.

  Ordinary home (left) and PCI-E SSD (right)

  Whether it is a home macbook pro hard drive failure data recovery or PCI-E native solid state drive, they are all on a PCB board, and a master controller is arranged macbook pro internet recovery new hard drive to control multiple flash memory through algorithm firmware for data transmission.In addition to macbook pro new hard drive internet recovery the different appearance, their interfaces are different. The PCI-E native solid state drive is plugged macos crashed hard drive data recovery software into the graphics card slot, and the home solid state drive is plugged into the common SATA made usb recovery now need it signed interface.

  The fastest read and write speed does not mean the highest technical content. Below we will make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb take stock of the types of hard disks, so that you can get a deeper understanding of PCI-E native make a mac os x recovery usb solid state drives. We will analyze the development difficulty and cost of PCI-E native solid state make a mac recovery usb on windows drives for you later. , Performance, etc.

  We ordinary consumers think that the fastest hard disk, it make a recovery boot usb windows 7 may have the highest technical content.This is not the case. In the hard disk industry, there are make a recovery usb for dell 7350 two types of hard disks second only to their technical content. They are not solid state hard drives, make a recovery usb for surface 2 but mechanical hard drives.In other words, the capacity of the hard disk is far more difficult to make a system recovery usb windows 7 increase than the speed. You only need to look at the capacity and the cost of it to know whether this make a usb recovery disk windows 10 is true.

  Reasons for being expensive:

  The PCI-E native solid-state hard drive developed by two make a usb recovery disk windows 7 post-80s entrepreneurs has a capacity of 30,000 yuan; the maximum capacity of household solid-state make a usb windows 10 recovery disk hard drives is 512GB, and the price is 2,500 yuan; and the maximum capacity of mechanical hard drives make a windows 10 bootable recovery usb is as high as 4TB hard drives, and the price is 1280 yuan.

  Solid-state hard drives show that the make a windows 10 password recovery usb more advanced users, the faster the speed, the larger the capacity, and the more expensive; the make a windows 10 recovery usb drive mechanical hard drives are the most common users, the slowest, the largest capacity, and the cheapest. make a windows 10 recovery usb lenovo Here are four types of hard disks by the author:

  Note: SSD is the abbreviation of the English make a windows 10 recovery usb online translation of the solid state drive.

  1. The hard disk with the highest technical content-hybrid hard make a windows 7 recovery usb drive disk

  Can the end of SSD Seagate's next-generation 750GB hybrid hard drive evaluation?

  Hybrid hard make a windows 8 1 recovery usb disk uses mechanical hard disk as the disk body, combined with the characteristics of SSD, its make asus laptop recovery usb from dvd appearance is almost the same as ordinary notebook hard disk.If the development of mechanical hard drives make asus rog recovery usb from dvd is difficult, then the development of hybrid hard drives is even more difficult.Its difficulty make bootable recovery usb foracbook kn windows lies in how to design an algorithm to effectively combine the mechanical hard disk and the SSD part, make bootable recovery usb windows 8 1 establish an error-proof verification mechanism, and avoid data loss.

  Related reports on the two make bootable usb from dell recovery partition fastest hard disks developed by the post-80s focused on algorithm design. In fact, whether it is the make bootable usb from mac recovery partition world's largest hard drive manufacturer or the two post-80s entrepreneurs, they coincidentally put the make bootable usb from recovery partition mac algorithm design in the most important position, even More important than the product itself.

  2. make mac os recovery usb on windows The second most difficult development-mechanical hard disk

  Read and write more than 190MB/s Seagate make usb recovery disk for windows 10 4TB hard drive detailed test

  Before the birth of hybrid hard drives, mechanical hard drives were make usb recovery disk from damaged hdd the most difficult to develop.It is based on a mechanical structure and requires a high-speed servo make usb system recovery disk windows 7 motor to drive the disc to read and write data.Its core part is the disc, the highest technological make use of win 10 recovery usb content, second only to the CPU wafer.

  3. The third most difficult development-PCI-E interface make win 10 recovery usb in win7 SSD

  Hurricane 2700MB/sec Jin Shengwei 2TB ultra-high-speed SSD evaluation