How to use excel filter super detailed summary[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-24 19:40

  Excel is a table for data processing. The excel workbook is powerful. The clever use of excel tables usb drive data recovery free download full version can provide work efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort. Today we will introduce usb drive data recovery software download the filtering function of excel in detail.

  Main screening methods: automatic screening and advanced usb drive is not reading to recovery drive screening.

  1. Automatic screening usage:

  Filter the information in the worksheet, you can usb drive recovery mode command line win 10 quickly find the value.You can filter one or more data columns.Not only can you use the filtering usb drive recovery software free download full version function to control the content to be displayed, but you can also control the content to be excluded.You usb drive recovery software full version free download can either filter based on the selection made from the list, or you can create a specific filter usb drive windows 10 pro recovery how big that is only used to limit the data to be displayed.

  In the filter operation, you can use the "Search" usb external hard drive data recovery software free box in the filter interface to search for text and numbers.

  When filtering data, if the values usb file recovery software free download full version in one or more columns can't meet the filtering conditions, the entire row of data will be hidden.You usb first aid found corruption run from recovery can filter by numeric value or text value, or filter the cells with background color or text color usb flash drive data recovery 7.0 free download set by cell color.

  1.Select the original data area (including the header), and then click "Data"- usb flash drive data recovery mac os x "Filter".

  After the operation is completed, each cell in the first row (header) of the data area usb flash drive data recovery portable free download has a drop-down arrow.

  Click a drop-down button on the header, you can see that there are three usb flash drive data recovery software 7 0 sorting functions at the top, "ascending", "descending" and "sort by color".We can use this function to usb flash drive data recovery software 7.0 full sort the data first.

  Click the "Select All" button in the selection box below to select everything.You usb flash drive data recovery software for mac can also directly cancel the "select all" state, and use the mouse to manually select the data usb flash drive data recovery software free download to be filtered.For example, we only need three people: "Chen Yu", "Li Qiuxiang" and "Qin Qin".

  After usb flash drive failed how to recover dat a clicking the "OK" button, the table only displays the data of the three persons "Chen Yu", "Li usb flash drive needs to be formatted error Qiuxiang" and "Qin Qin".The rest of the data is automatically hidden.The line number will be displayed usb flash drive online recovery a data download in blue, indicating that automatic filtering has been performed.

  We click on "Text Filter" and usb flash drive recovery software 3 0 1 we can see the optional menu at the next level, such as "include", "does not contain", "equals", "begins usb hard disk data recovery software free download with" and other options.We may need to select specific content.

  For example, we choose usb hard drive data recovery software free download "include".Enter a "small" word after "include", and then click the "OK" button.In this way, all names usb hardrive not showing up opn dell recovery containing "small" characters in their names will be filtered out.

  Here, we can choose two conditions, usb keyboard not working in chromebox recovery mode the relationship between the two conditions is "satisfy at the same time" or "satisfy one of usb memory stick data recovery software free download them".Expressed as "and" and "or" in screening.We select "or" and also select "include" in the second condition usb microsoft windows 10 recovery fat32 or ntfs drop-down menu, and then enter the word "玉".

  In this way, all names containing "small" or "玉" usb ota recovery boot no harddrive hp mini are filtered out.

  Second, advanced screening

  Compared with automatic screening, advanced screening usb pen drive data recovery software free download has the following characteristics:

  1. You can filter the data to other tables

  2. It is possible usb pen drive recovery 4 0 1 6 to use more complex filtering conditions, of course, the functions achieved are far from comparable usb pen drive storage recovered 7 32 bit to automatic filtering.

  The usage of excel advanced filtering is very simple, first we open a usb port not getting iphone into recovery mode salary table for demonstration.

  Enter the filter criteria in other cells. Note: The above filter usb ports not working in recovery mode mac criteria should correspond to the title. Here, the editor will filter according to basic salary and usb recivery drive not workibg to recover file bonus.

  Click Advanced Filter in excel data.

  After selecting the advanced filter of excel, the list usb recovery chrome os falco c2b e7c d46 area will be automatically recognized, and it will be displayed as a dotted line. We click the usb recovery drive is smaller than hard drive button on the right side of the condition area.

  Drag to select the excel condition area, and then click usb recovery drive macbook pro 2011 from pc the button on the right.

  At this time, you will return to the excel advanced filter window, we usb recovery drive windows 10 how to use click OK.

  At this point, we can see that the excel advanced screening has been completed, and the usb recovery drive won't work for chromebox cn60 personnel whose basic salary is greater than 3100 and bonuses greater than 2200 have been displayed. usb recovery drives must be formatted to fat32

  Filter by fill color or font color

  It is realized by using the search function in Word 2003. In usb recovery flash disk creation utility windows 10 Word 2003, there is no such powerful function as 2007. It can't be realized by filtering directly. usb recovery image for hp windows 10 download The function of searching is one of the ways to realize it.As shown in the figure below, there are usb recovery software free download for windows xp entries with different colors, among which there are 3 red, 2 blue, and 2 black. If you want to filter usb recovery tool fully activated for win 10 out entries of different colors, you can do the following.

  Use the shortcut key Ctrl+F, the search usb recovery tool in kaspersky rescue disk 18 dialog box appears, click the format button, select the font dialog box, select the color, and usb size to recover 2 tb hard drive select the font color you need to filter. Here we take red as an example, and then click OK.

  Click usb stick multiple partitions after chromebook recovery app the "Find All" button and all entries in red font will appear.Press the Ctrl+A button in the search usb windows 10 64 bit recovery kit 15am3qrt603 result window to select all. At this time, the corresponding item in the Excel table will become usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit hp selected. Just click the right mouse button on any selected item in the Excel table, and then select Copy usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit torrent to copy all the entries in the red part. After copying, you can paste it wherever you want to usb windows 7 starter 32b sp1 recovery kit paste.

  In this way, all the macro color entries can be copied to another table, and the entries in red usb windows 8 1 64 bit recovery kit font will be filtered out. The same is true for the entries in black and blue.

  Realize by using usb windows 8 1 64b recovery kit download the function of macro command in Word 2003

  In Word 2003, you can customize macro commands to filter usb windows 8.1 64 bit recovery kit download cells of different font colors or fill colors. You can follow the steps below. 1. Insert a column usb windows 8.1 64 bit recovery kit hp of "auxiliary column"

  Select the second cell A2 of the auxiliary column, press the shortcut key usb windows 8.1 64b dual language recovery kit "Ctrl+F3" to display the macro definition dialog box, then enter "color" in the name, click "Add", and use chromebook recovery tool to create bootable usb enter the formula "=GET" in the referenced position.CELL(24,SHEET1!B2)", where GET.CELL is the name use external hard drive for recovery windows 10 of the macro to obtain information, 24 is the code to obtain the font color value, and SHEET1 represents use hp recovery discs on blank hard drive the current Excel.B2 indicates which column of data to get the color of, and then click OK.

  Select use hp recovery disk on new hard drive the A2 cell, then fill in "=color" in the formula bar, then press Enter, the value of the font use hp recovery dvd to create usb boot color corresponding to B2 will appear in the A2 column, and the other cells corresponding to the A use hp usb recovery flash disk utility usb column are left with the mouse Press the key and drag the lower right corner of cell A2 to copy. use portable hard drive as windows recovery medi a Different color data will also appear, but the same color data will have the same number.

  Select the use recovery discs with new hard drive lenovo first row, select "Filter" in the "Data" menu, and then select "Auto Filter". At this time, you can use recovery mode to install macox on usb arrange the auxiliary columns. Just click the triangle button in the lower right corner of the use ubuntu to recover files from hard drive "Auxiliary Columns" and follow the descending order or Just sort them in ascending order, the remaining use usb as hard drive windows 10 recovery work is copy and paste.

  Excel filter duplicate data

  Find duplicate numbers in such data.How to use usb to rebuild recovery partition windows 10 do?The more detailed the better!!

  Copy and paste the following formula into the "B2" use windows 10 recovery usb on another computer cell:


  Then drag it down to display the repeated data in the use windows 10 recovery usb to rebuild mbr same row in column "B" in column "A"

  Place the cursor in any cell in the data area (preferably the use windows 8 1 image as recovery usb first row), click "Data"-"Filter"-"Automatic Filter", click the triangle tip of the "B1" cell-"Repeat", use windows 8 recovery usb on windows 7 the repeated number will be Filtered out

  =IF(COUNTIF(A:A,A1)>1,"Repeat"&COUNTIF(A:A,A1)&"Times" use windows pro recovery usb to install home ,"")

  Paste the formula in B1, drag the formula down.

  countif(A:A,A1) counts the number of cells use windows recovery usb to reinstall efi boot equal to A1 in column A.(Simply, this one is enough, repeat if it is greater than 1)

  if (countif used recovery usb on laptop still freezing up result is greater than 1, return true, when true (the condition is satisfied), output "repeat n (result used recovery usb says its not right of counfif) records, when false (countif=1 means the condition is not satisfied), output empty)

  using a hard drive enclosure for data recovery  The above formula will display the non-repeated records as empty in column B, and the repeated records using a recovery usb for alienware 15 solved will display "repeated several".

  The following formula can also be used directly

  When the using dell os recovery and restore usb key result is 1, it will not repeat, if it is greater than 1, it will repeat.

  Filter the same data in two using dell recovery disk on new hard drive tables in excel

  Put two worksheets in one window, as shown in the figure: sheet1 is for all using hp recovery disk on new hard drive students, and sheet2 is the name of the students in a certain class.

  Enter the blank in the same line using hp windows 10 64 bit recovery usb of the corresponding name in sheet1 = if(countif())

  Switch to sheet2, select all names and press using linux to recover data on usb drive Enter

  Switch to sheet1, then the function becomes =if(countif(Sheet2!A1:A44))

  In this step, the using live persitence usb boot to recover files letters (we are A here) and numbers (we are 1 and 44 here) are all added with the symbol using recovery disk on new internal hard drive $,=if(countif(Sheet2!$A$1:$A$44))

  Finally, add the function =if(countif(Sheet2!$A$1:$A$44,A2),"S","F"), after using recovery disk to install new hard drive the input is completed, press Enter, the one shown as S is the student in this class, and the one using recovery drive on usb on new hardrive shown as F is not.Then pull down and fill from this row, all students can be filtered.

  To accomplish using recovery usb ends up just black screen this, we have used two functions. The first is the if function. The standard format of the if function using sans to recover data on hard drive is if (condition, the output content when the condition is true, and the output content when the using the recovery usb drive for windows 10 condition is false); the second function countif, Its format is countif (all areas that need to be using toshiba recovery disk on new hard drive compared, comparison content), from our countif (Sheet2!$A$1:$A$44,A2), the first parameter is all using ubuntu boot usb windows hard drive recovery the names of a certain class of students, and the second parameter is the name of a certain student

  using windows 10 recovery usb on windows 7  The above is about the usage of excel filtering function.Usually more when using automatic screening.What using windows 10 recovery usb to fix lost.partition should we do if we are unable to automatically filter?Manually filter by yourself?In the case using windows 10 recovery usb to fix windows of a lot of data, you may have to look at the flowers, and see them as opposite eyes.Is there any using windows recovery usb on a different computer way to solve the problem that excel can't automatically filter.

  Excel can't automatically filter the view windows harddrive through external on pc recover reason one:

  Under normal circumstances, as long as the data source is continuous and there are w7 how to use usb for recovery disk no empty rows or columns in the middle, there will be no problem that excel can't automatically way to recover hard drive from furmware currption filter.

  The following is an example that excel can't automatically filter. From the screenshot, we can way to retrieve files from dead external harddrive see that column B and D directly hide column C, column C is completely empty, and A5 and B5 are empty ways to recover data from raw hard drive cells, so excel can't be automatically filtered.

  Solution: Cancel the automatic filter first, wd external hard disk recovery software free download then select the entire data area, and then reset the automatic filter.

  The filtering and sorting of wd external hard drive not recognized data recovery irregular data sources is to select the cell range first, that is, if the data source is not continuous, wd my passport external hard drive data recovery remember to select all the data first, and then automatically filter.

  Excel can't automatically wd ultra slim hard drive recovery bad pcm filter the reason two:

  Except for empty rows and empty columns (including hidden rows and columns), western digital 2tb external hard drive data recovery if the worksheet is protected, the filter function will be gray and unavailable.As shown in the western digital external hard disk data recovery software figure below, the solution is to cancel the worksheet protection.

  Excel can't automatically filter western digital external hard drive data recovery software the reason three:

  If there are merged cells in the worksheet, the filtered data will also be western digital external hard drive recovery not recognized incomplete. The solution can be to restore the merged cells or other methods.