How to install system on Lenovo computer with external hard drive [Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-24 19:30

  I believe that many of my friends' computers are from Lenovo, right.Even the editor's computer uses books on hard drive data recovery Lenovo.Sometimes when using a Lenovo computer, the system is very stuck.

  Now teach you how to boot block recovery from usb storage install the system with Lenovo computers.Change the status quo card.

  Restart the computer and wait boot chromebook recovery usb on mac for the boot screen to appear. Press the startup shortcut key, select external hard drive Boot to enter boot from hard drive after recovery the u Deepin main menu, select "[02] U Deepin WIN8 PE Standard Edition (new machine)" option, press boot from recovery usb black screen Enter to confirm, external hard drive s home

  Enter the win8PE system, the installation tool will boot from recovery usb win 10 pop up by itself, click "Browse" to select and save to the win7 system image file in the external boot from recovery usb windows 10 hard drive,

  Waiting for the u deep pe installation tool to automatically load the win7 system image boot from recovery usb windows 8.1 package installation file, just select the installation disk location, and then click the "OK" boot from usb recovery drive mac button.

  At this time, directly click the "OK" button in the pop-up prompt window, external hard drive boot from usb recovery windows 10 Home

  Then the installation tool starts to work, you need to wait patiently for a few minutes,

  After boot from usb to recover files completion, a prompt to restart the computer will pop up, just click the "Yes (Y)" button,

  At boot from windows 10 recovery usb this point, you can unplug the external hard drive, restart the system to start the installation, boot hp recovery partition external hdd no operation is required, just wait for the installation to complete, and finally restart the system boot into external recovery partition mac before entering the desktop.

  Let's share the tutorial here.Hope to help my friends. external hard boot recovery usb asus windows 8 drive Home

  How to install system on Lenovo computer with external hard drive?: