Mass production method to restore and expand the Anguo AU6983 master control external hard drive tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

42 2021-08-24 19:20

  There are so many fake external hard drives on the market now. What should I do if I accidentally how to recover video from an adt a adt16h hard drive buy an expanded disk for cheap.Let's take Anguo's main control external hard drive as an example to how to reformat hard drive with windows 8 1 recovery drive introduce the repair method of the expansion disk.This tutorial is suitable for AU6983, FC8308, 840~ how to setup usb otg on your pc for twrp recovery

  Speaking of expansion, there is a good-sounding, nice name called upgrade.The understanding of how to use usb otg on your pc for twrp recovery capacity expansion is like a double-edged sword. Understanding that you can deepen your understanding hp pavilion dv7 6100 usb windows 7 64 bit recovery kit of capacity expansion and avoid being deceived. It can be used for crooked ways, but it can

  Deceive download msi com uti exe nb f3 recovery usb zip others.This is actually a question of degree. If there are more people who understand, fewer people www minitool com create a bootable recovery usb disk html are deceived, and fewer people understand. Naturally, there are people who have bad intentions and forums majorgeeks com threads hard drive disaster recovery software 31236 use them to betray morals.

  Tell me about my understanding of expansion, what's wrong, please correct www coolmuster com android recover samsung without usb debugging html me.In fact, what everyone can understand is that the external drive is mass produced, but it is www groovypost com howto create windows 10 usb recovery drive a special mass production, ignoring the influence of bad blocks.It is a program function to manage www minitool com create a bootable recovery usb disk html core products developed by the main control manufacturer. For the main control manufacturer, expansion www minitool com hard drive recovery io device error html is not difficult, but some main control manufacturers such as Phison, Qingtai, Huirong, etc. do not backup recovery clone hard drive to usb flash drive.html develop such mass production. The procedure is the right way.In order to cater to the counterfeit icare flash memory usb card recovery pro 2 0 with license market and gain more market share, such second-tier master control manufacturers as Maike Micro and icare recovery com seagate recovery seagate external cannot be recognized html Anguo have developed and released such mass production programs, which are taking the wrong path.

   iuweshare free usb flash drive data recovery 1 1 5 8 This article takes the expansion of the AU6983 external hard drive of Anguo's main control as an iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery 1 8 8 8 full example to explain.

  The original state of the external hard drive: AU6983 main control + Micron 4G iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery 1 8 8 8 licence chip

  Tools used: FC MpTool (Ver 2.03.04) Click to download

  1.The prerequisite for expansion and iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery 5 8 8 8 license upgrade is to complete standardized mass production, scan for bad blocks and complete formatting.Anguo's iuweshare usb flash drive data recovery 7 9 9 9 license mass production will not be explained too much here. You can understand it by looking at the figure kingston usb drive files recovery 3 0 1 5 free download below. Pay attention to the parameter settings on each configuration page.

  You can upgrade to mac os x 10 7 5 external hard drive recovery software mass production.

  The key points, please pay attention to the settings of the following steps, which need to install recovery usb for hp notebook laptop 14 af112r are the key to successful expansion.

  2. Open the Anguo upgrade mass production tool again, click recovering bricked lg g pad 7 0 from external sd card settings, and in the "Bad Sector Settings" insert page, select "Special" for "Fixed Port Settings", recovering from hard drive crash and reverting to win 8 1 as shown in the figure: