What can I do if the sd card cannot be read [Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-24 18:50

  In fact, there are many reasons why the SD card of mobile phones can't be read. In order to facilitate hard drive crashed how to recover microsoft office our inquiries, know and deal with this problem, we have summarized several common situations. hard drive data recover software that needs formatting We can check whether our mobile phone has such problems according to these situations. Be able to refer hard drive data recovery eli the computer guy to the corresponding processing methods, and try to solve the problem that the mobile phone SD hard drive data recovery hard drive data recovery card can't be read.

  1. The SD card is not clean

  Many users usually do not pay attention to maintaining hard drive data recovery near long beach ny their electronic products, and the SD card is not well maintained. The metal area of the SD card hard drive data recovery salt lake city utah will be stained with dust or oil, causing poor contact in the card slot and sometimes unable to hard drive data recovery services san antonio tx read.

  Treatment method: check whether the metal area of the SD card is dim or spotted, if so, wipe hard drive data recovery software for windows 7 it with alcohol or water, and dry it.

  Second, the virus in the SD card

  At present, many software hard drive data recovery software free download filehippo or games on the smartphone application market contain viruses. If the SD card is poisoned, it will hard drive data recovery software mac os x not be able to read normally.

  Solution: Use a card reader to connect to the computer, use anti-virus hard drive data recovery using powered usb kit software to organize, if it still can't be processed, format the SD card.

  Third, the SD card is hard drive disk has recovery drive windows 10 damaged

  This is easy to judge. Use a card reader to connect to the computer. If it can display hard drive failure recovery partition visible main inaccessible normally, it means that the SD card is intact. If it can't be read, it means that the SD card is hard drive has over 100 partitions data recovery damaged.

  4. The card slot is squeezed or even deformed

  There are more and more ultra-thin models on the hard drive in the freezer to recover dat a market, and the card slot design is becoming more and more ingenious.If a non-original battery is hard drive is making noises how to recover used, the card slot can be squeezed due to the thickness exceeding the specification, showing the hard drive is shot anyway to recover dat a phenomenon that the mobile phone SD card can't be read.

  Solution: try to replace the original hard drive locked error during windows 10 recovery battery.

  Five, the metal wire of the card slot is rusty or bent

  Many mobile phone SD cards support hot hard drive locked error during windows 8 recovery swap. Frequent insertion of SD cards will cause excessive bending or rusting of the metal wire of hard drive lost all my file and retrieve the card slot.

  Treatment method: carefully check whether the metal wire of the card slot is bent or hard drive mechanical failure recovery st louis mo rusted, if it is bent, use a needle to pick the wire down; if it is rusted, clean it.

  Six, mobile hard drive mounted in read only for recovery phone problems

  Although the probability of this situation is relatively small, there are also hard drive needs to be formatted recover dat a situations where the mobile phone's SD card can't be read due to a mobile phone problem, and it can only hard drive not detected by bios recovery dat a be sent for repair.