Download another external hard drive version of antivirus software[Win11 Solutions]

30 2021-08-24 18:30

  Question supplement: none of what I want.What I want is the anti-virus software that can be installed use windows 8.1 image as recovery usb in the ordinary external drive, not the external drive that comes with anti-virus software like use windows recovery usb to another pc the Kingsoft external drive version.

  Brief Introduction of Jiangmin Antivirus Software (Mobile use windows recovery usb to fix chkdsk Version)

  Jiangmin antivirus software (mobile version) is a computer security product tailored for users use windows recovery usb to fix uefi who use mobile disks to check and kill viruses.The user does not need to install when using, just use windows to recover mac hard drive copy it to the mobile storage (MP3, external hard drive, mobile hard disk), enter the product serial using a bootable usb to retrieve file number to use.

  2. Applicable system

  Jiangmin antivirus software (mobile version) is suitable using a usb recovery drive windows 10 for all current mainstream Windows operating systems, including: Windows98, Windows me, Windows 2000, using a windows recovery usb on dell Windows NT, Windows XP and Windwos 2003.

  If users want to use the product on Windows 98 and Windows using dock station to recover hard drive me operating systems, they need to install a driver that supports mobile storage devices.

  ★★Installation, using hard drive enclosure to recover dat a use and features★★

  (1) This program is a green version (and also integrated with KV2008 using hard drive to backup information recovery mobile version, and has been registered). When the desktop system is started, it will not occupy any using hp recovery media usb windows 10 memory, nor will it conflict with any other anti-virus software, and you can start scanning. You using hp recovery partition into a usb can also perform antivirus operations under the desktop system at any time;

  (2) This program integrates using knoppix to recover hard drive partitions the latest version of KV2008 mobile version, and can also perform antivirus operations under using linux mint to recover hard drive Windows desktop system; the integrated running main program is [@Install_KVBE.EXE];

  (3) KV2008 mobile using linux to recover external hard drive version genuine serial number: KE002--WKKD1-LGN7G-T01P3, virus database update program [KVUPDATE.EXE]; using recovery discs on new hard drive Users can upgrade to the latest virus database at any time according to the actual situation, using recovery disk on new hard drive or download the upgrade package from this site to upgrade;

  (4) Before the desktop system starts, it using recovery disk with new hard drive will automatically enter the "BOOTSCAN" scanning interface; if there is no operation within 10 using recovery usb in windows 8 1 seconds, KV will automatically scan the memory and system directories; during the scanning process, you using recovery usb to install new ssd can press the "ESC" key to terminate the scan at any time;

  Note: Due to the BUG of BOOTSCAN itself, using system recover usb on another computer the full scan can't be performed after pressing the "A" key. At this time, press Enter or wait for using system recovery usb on another computer ten seconds to perform the full scan;

  (5) Regarding the acquisition and use of the independent using testdisk to recover external hard drive mobile version: This version of the program can be installed or decompressed to any folder or external using ubuntu usb to recover windows files hard drive, and run the main program KVPortable.EXE, you can get the independent mobile version of using usb keyboard desktop mac recovery mode KV2008;

  I will update it from time to time according to the actual situation in the future to using windows 10 recovery usb to fix maintain the latest version of the antivirus engine of KV2008 BOOTSCAN.