SanDisk Extreme CZ48 external hard drive Mass Production Recovery and CDROM Making Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

31 2021-08-24 18:20

  SanDisk Extreme High Speed (CZ48) USB3.0 external hard drive mass production CDROM and recovery create surface recovery usb from another pc external hard drive

  IDBLK_TIMING.The dll has been replaced, the mass production tool download link: create surface recovery usb from microsoft image MPALL-0700-3.63.0C

  If you want to mass produce into CDROM, just change the CDROM path.

  It is said create surface usb recovery drive from image that the detection tool of our jar can not detect the main control of SanDisk, and finally we used create system recovery disk windows 10 usb the U-disk home detection tool to try the attitude. I did not expect that others are better than our create system recovery disk windows 7 usb jar's tools in some aspects. I hope our jar The tools are perfected as soon as possible.

  A careful create system recovery usb for another computer friend who looks at this picture will find out how I bought it twice. In fact, it was already sold create system recovery usb windows 8 1 off once. Fortunately, Heidong's conscience, I replaced it with a new one the next day.

  Ok, the create usb mac startup software recovery disc point is here. After opening the software, click update like this. After the flash memory is detected, create usb recovery disk for win 10 select 21 mode, change the disc image as shown in the figure, click SAVE to save, and then return create usb recovery disk for windows 10 to select 21 mode and click to start mass production and it will be OK. If you want to produce it create usb recovery drive for another pc back, just choose 3 mode

  Note: If a prompt window pops up during the period, it means that you can create usb recovery drive for surface 2 pull down the external hard drive and plug it back in. According to my experience, dial it down and create usb recovery drive for surface pro plug it in, wait 5 seconds, and then click OK.

  The flash memory can't be detected in the Internet create usb recovery drive windows 8 1 cafe tonight. Don't worry, I've tried it many times. No problem, the method is okay, and the software create usb recovery iso disk windows vist a is okay. It's not detected because of the Internet café.

  The last thing to note is that if it is create usb windows recovery with install iso in 3.For mass production on the interface of 0, the interface type must be selected as 3 when setting create win 10 recovery usb for surface the new CDROM path.0Attention!Of course it is 2.If it is 0, there is no need to make changes here, create windows 10 recovery disk on usb because I am at 2.Establish this setting document on the interface of 0.