The cell phone usb can not connect to the computer [9 solutions]

35 2021-08-01 11:20

Nowadays, smartphone is both a data storage and an application player. Sometimes we just need to connect the phone to the computer to upload or download something. At this time, I wonder if you have encountered this situation: that is, the phone USB can not connect to the computer, the connection to the computer does not respond. What should we do at this point?

  First, find the reason why there is no response?

  A, the phone, data cable interface failure

  Solution: You can check the computer chassis and the phone's USB socket whether there is a problem, or you can change a data line to try.

  Second, the phone motherboard failure

  Solution: Find the aftermarket!

  Third, the software failure

  Solution: After the phone is connected to the computer, there is no prompt to install the driver, and there is no new hardware tips in the computer hardware. Then we can try to restore by returning to factory settings, formatting, brushing, etc..

  Fourth, the data transfer mode is not selected

  Solution: See if you need to choose the option to connect to the computer when inserting the data cable on your own phone, while the torrents are not originally connected to the computer, this can not be done.

  Tips: If you check yourself and find that the above are not the reasons why your phone is not connected to the computer, then it is best to call customer service or go to the business office to consult it, may be able to help you quickly solve the problem Oh.

  Five, the phone USB port power supply is insufficient.

  Cell phone USB port power supply is insufficient to charge the battery before connecting to the computer, but this is too inconvenient. Let the phone in the moment of connection to the computer USB interface power supply is not less than the phone's power consumption, so that at this moment should be "USB interface power supply is sufficient". How to do it? Close all processes, turn off the phone screen, then connect to the computer, in short, reduce the power consumption of the phone on the line. I do not guarantee that everyone will be successful when using this method, but at least it can bring help to those who have problems in this area.

  Six, the phone connected to the computer only shows charging, can not do anything else with

  Turn on the smartphone USB debugging mode. If the phone is an Android phone, please enter the phone settings - applications - development, check the USB debugging mode can be checked inside.

  Nowadays, the majority of the use of Android smartphones, by default, Android phones connected to the computer is required to open the USB debugging mode, not debugging, you can only charge the phone. Like some commonly used 91 cell phone assistant or pea pod can not identify the phone. Many times it is due to not open the USB debugging in the phone settings, resulting in the computer can not find the phone storage disk, pea pod and other computer software can not connect to the phone, so it becomes the phone connected to the computer intelligent display charging.

  Seven, driver problems lead to cell phone usb can not connect to the computer

  Check the "USB connection type" settings, manually install the driver, click on the transmission page to download. If there is no corresponding results, please go to other search engines to search for relevant drivers! If the downloaded driver is not an installer, but a driver configuration file, please install it according to the following method.

  The following installation method is under XP operating system, Windows 7 operating system installation method is also very similar! Please be flexible!

  Open USB debugging mode on the phone and connect to the computer, open Device Manager (right-click on My Computer - Properties - Hardware - Device Manager), find the device with a question mark, right-click Update Driver

  Select Install from list or specified location

  Check Include this location in the search then click Browse Select the relevant driver configuration folder downloaded, during the installation process, whether to install the driver, please click Always install the device driver

  If you still can't connect, please check to exclude the following possible problems!

  Computer interface problems

  Cause of the problem: the problem is common in too old computers, or computer front interface power supply is insufficient!

  Solution: Some desktop computers have chassis front and chassis back USB interface, and chassis front USB interface internal need to be connected to the motherboard, if the installation of the front of the chassis without the USB cable into the motherboard, the front of the computer chassis USB interface is not available, so if you encounter this situation you can try to connect the cable to the desktop computer chassis back USB interface try (rear USB interface directly from the motherboard, there is generally no problem).

  In addition to check whether the problem is the USB interface, you can also take a U disk or USB mouse to test whether the interface is useful, etc.. There is also a possibility that the USB interface is blocked in the BIOS settings, usually Internet cafes will use this way, if the use of cell phone data cable in Internet cafes connected to the computer does not respond to most of this situation, you can consult the Internet cafe attendant to understand.

  Cell phone interface problems

  The reason for the problem: the quality of the phone, or too hard to dial plug, rust will probably appear this problem!

  Solution: To check whether the USB interface is useful, the most direct way is to connect the USB cable and the phone to see if the phone is charging tips, if the phone cable connected to the computer, only shows in the charging, and can not operate on the computer, the first indication that the computer USB interface is not a problem. If the phone cable is connected to the computer, the phone does not have any anyway, then either the phone cable is bad (this situation is generally less, unless the phone cable into the water or fall bad, etc.), or the computer USB interface is not available.

  Computer operating system problems or the system comes with the driver caused

  The cause of the problem: there may be problems related to the start-up service! It is also possible that the Windows 7 operating system is not compatible, or the system bit problem!

  Solution: 1. Press F8 to enter safe mode after the boot in the exit, select reboot or shutdown in the boot, you can enter normal mode (repair the registry).

  2. If the failure persists, please use the system comes with the system restore, restore to the time you do not have this failure to repair (if the normal mode recovery failed, please boot up and press F8 to enter the safe mode to use the system restore).

  3. If the failure persists, use the system disk repair, open the command prompt and enter SFC/SCANNOW enter (there is a space between SFC and /), insert the original system disk repair system, the system will automatically compare the repair.

  4. If the failure persists, set the optical drive as the first boot device in the BIOS insert the system installation disk and press the R key to select "Repair Installation".

  5. If the failure persists, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system.

  Eight: USB debugging is not open

  Cell phone USB can not connect to the computer solution without installing anything, you connect the phone to the computer, click the phone settings - applications - developer options (USB mode) -USB debugging, check, the phone has a "open USB function" prompt, point OK on it. r

  Nine: the phone may be in the virus

  If the above methods still can not solve the problem, or connected, perhaps your phone system is old or a virus, many cell phones often surf the Internet and download many games and software, invisible to the phone brings a variety of security risks. When the phone is in the virus, some phones may not be able to connect to the computer. At this time, you must go through the phone antivirus software to kill the virus, and then continue to connect. It is recommended to reinstall a or brush, or use antivirus software to clean up the virus.

  The above is my summary of the phone usb can not connect to the computer some solutions. Generally speaking, the phone data cable connected to the computer does not respond to the main two major cases: one is the USB interface is not available; second is the phone data cable connected to the computer, the phone shows in charging. Of course, there are some extremely small possibilities, such as cell phone problems, cell phone USB data interface damage, etc., but this situation generally rarely occurs, in general, cell phone data cable to connect to the computer does not respond to the failure of the causes are not many, the main thing is to pay attention to the troubleshooting, the same try.