Ptedit32 to repair the computer blue screen caused external hard drive partition loss during external hard drive format conversion[Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-24 17:00

  When I converted the partition format of the E disk from FAT32 to NTFS, the editor once had a blue kaspersky recovery disk on usb not being recognized screen. After restarting, I found that all the hard disk partitions were lost. It was displayed in kaspersky rescue disk 10 special usb recovery edition yellow in the partition table. The partition format was "PqRP". What is it? "PqRP" format?, How to kingston usb drive files recovery free download solve the problem that the partition format is "PqRP"?.

  Trouble phenomenon:

  I found that the kingston usb flash drive needs to be recovered remaining space of the partition where the movie files are stored was not much, so I decided to convert lacie external hard drive 3 tb recover dat a the partition format from FAT32 to NTFS. However, when the application conversion partition format laptop hard drive crashed how to recover dat a operation reached 100%, the computer suddenly blue screen and tried to exit the blue screen, but the laptop hard drive dead how to recover dat a computer was already The computer crashes, and the computer can only be restarted at this time. After lazesoft recover my password usb boot on mac restarting into the system, it is found that all logical partitions, namely partitions C, D, and learn how to recover data from hard drive E, are all lost.Run the PartitionMagic software to check the partition status and find that all logical lenovo aio 700 won't boot with recovery usb partitions are merged into one partition, and it is displayed in yellow in the partition chart, lenovo aio 700 won't doesn't see recovery usb and the partition format is "PqRp".

  According to the legend, the yellow is "Other", and it seems lenovo ideapad 110151sk usb 3.0 hdmi onekey recovery that the PartitionMagic software can't recognize the partition.However, the failure occurs when the lenovo rescue and recovery backup to usb location conversion operation reaches 100%, so the data in it should not be lost. It is estimated that the lenovo thinkvantage rescue and recovery format hard drive partition table is damaged.I thought of the partition table editing tool "PTEDIT32" software used before, lenovo u430 ideapad recovery software new hard drive which can edit the partition table, so I tried to use this software to solve the problem.

  1. lenovo usb recover key how to run it Download PTEDIT32 and double-click the PTEDIT32" icon to open the "PowerQuest Partition Table Editor" lenovo usb recovery creator download stuck at 99 dialog box.

  2. Select the hard disk option in the "Disk" drop-down list. If there is only one hard lenovo usb recovery creator failed to format partitions disk, just keep the default settings.Because the partition table of the extended partition is damaged, lenovo usb recovery creator tool stuck at 98 position the cursor in the "Type" text box behind option "2", but click the "Set Type" button to lenovo usb recovery creator tool stuck at 99 view the partition type code.

  3. The "Partition Type" double button pops up, and the "3C PowerQuest lenovo usb recovery failed to read cd rom Recoverable Partition" option is selected in the list box below, and its abbreviation is "PqRP".

  level 1 2 3 hard drive data recovery  4. Select the "0F Extended X" option in the list box at the bottom of the "Partition Type" window, lg external hard drive recovery software free download which is the extended partition option.

  5. Click the "OK" button to return to the "Power Quest lgv20 broken screen retrieve hard drive data recovery Partition Table Editor" dialog box, and then click the "Save Changes" button, the "Information" dialog lineage os with clockwork recovery update from external box pops up, prompting the user whether to confirm the changes.

  6. Click the "Yes" button to save linux android adb enable usb debug recovery mode the changes to the partition, click the "Close" button to close the "PowerQuest Partition Table Editor" linux dvr hard drive recovery software black screen dialog box, and then restart the computer, enter the system again, you will find that the lost linux fdisk to recover usb drive for windows partitions have been all Retrieve.

  Mass Production Network solved the partition format problem of " linux on mac to recover from external harddrive PqRP" by using "PTEDIT32" and successfully recovered the lost hard disk partition.