external hard drive pops up files or directories that are damaged and cannot be read[Win11 Solutions]

27 2021-08-24 16:30

  external hard drive is the same as other machines, it will inevitably fail after using for a long toshiba satellite c55 hard drive recovery time. For example, a common pop-up dialog box that a file or directory is damaged and unreadable will toshiba satellite c655 hard drive recovery surprise you. The entire external hard drive is damaged. What to do, so many people are very anxious. toshiba satellite c660 hard drive recovery In fact, this situation is usually caused by improper use before. For example, when the external toshiba satellite c855 hard drive recovery drive is still reading and writing, the external drive is pulled out, and the external drive loses toshiba satellite hard drive recovery cd power while writing data. It's easy to cause this kind of failure after waiting, but fortunately, toshiba satellite hard drive recovery disc this kind of failure can generally be solved, and the data inside can be restored. The following is an toshiba satellite hard drive recovery options actual measurement to teach you how to repair the problem of external hard drive file directory toshiba satellite hard drive recovery popup damage and unreadable.

  The external hard drive itself can't be opened, and a disk with no capacity is toshiba satellite hard drive recovery process displayed, as follows:

  Method 1: Use the repair tool CHKDSK that comes with the system

  No matter toshiba satellite hard drive recovery tool it is XP, win7 or win8, win10, it comes with this disk repair tool CHKDSK, so we don't need to toshiba satellite laptop hard drive recovery download it anywhere, we can find it directly in the system.

  You need to use the dos window here. It toshiba satellite recovery new hard drive is very simple to run it. There are several ways. The first is to click the start button in the lower toshiba satellite windoes 7 recovery usb left corner and click "Run" in the pop-up window, or directly press the shortcut key Win+R to open toshiba satellite windows 10 recovery usb the "Run" window.

  Enter cmd in the running window as shown below:

  After clicking OK, the dos toshiba usb flash drive online recovery window will pop up, as shown below:

  At this time, you can open the chkdsk tool, where the USB drive toshiba usb flash drive recovery instructions letter is G drive, directly enter chkdsk g: /f pay attention to the space, if your USB drive is I toshiba usb flash drive recovery tool drive, enter "chkdsk i: /f", and then press Enter determine.

  Then this tool will start the automatic toshiba usb recovery flash disk utility operation of repairing the external drive. It will automatically scan and correct the errors in the toshiba windows 8 recovery usb download external drive. The amount of time depends on the number of errors in your external drive. Generally, totally free hard drive recovery software it will not take much time.

  If you see "Whether to convert the missing link to a file (Y/N)" totally free recovery software usb flash during the repair process, you can manually enter "N" and press the Enter key to continue running until transcend external hard drive data recovery it terminates successfully.

  When the repair is successful, it will show that windows has corrected transcend external hard drive recovery software the file system in the dos window. At this time, the window will no longer move, and then we can transcend usb flash drive data recovery close the black window.

  Then check my computer, the USB drive letter has a normal USB drive with transcend usb flash drive online recovery capacity display:

  At this time, let's copy the data in the external drive and back it up immediately, transcend usb flash drive recovery tool in case something goes wrong with the external drive, we can retrieve the data.

  Method two, use transcend usb stick online recovery tool partition tool to repair-partition assistant

  Other partition tools may not work, may not have this transfer dell recovery to new harddrive function, you need to download this partition assistant professional version

  After opening this transfer hp recovery disk to usb tool, be sure to select your external hard drive, don't select the hard disk, as shown in the figure transfer lenovo recovery disk to usb below, select Disk 2, Removable Disk, after selecting, click the "Check Partition" button on the transfer recovery disk to external drive left.

  In the pop-up dialog box, select the first "Check partition and fix errors found in the partition" transfer windows recovery disk to usb and click OK.

  Then wait for the tool to repair automatically, usually not long.

  After the tricks to recover failed hard drive repair is successful, close the software, then the external hard drive will pop up in the lower right troubleshooting after usb recovery windows 10 corner, and insert it again to see if it is repaired.

  Method three, external hard drive repair troubleshooting after windows 10 usb recovery tool to solve

  The above two methods are to repair the external hard drive without damaging the data, trying to recover chrome by usb so you can keep the data, but sometimes you are out of luck. The above method does not repair the trying to recover usb data characters external hard drive, and the external hard drive is still faulty, so you need to use it at this time turn usb recovery drive into iso external hard drive repair tool.

  But the disadvantage of this method is that the data in the external ubs windows 10 to recovery usb hard drive can't be kept, and the external hard drive will be formatted directly, so if you have ubuntu 18 04 hard drive recovery important data, you must first find a data recovery software to retrieve the data before doing this ubuntu live usb to retrieve files operation.

  First try to use the external hard drive formatting tool of the computer store:

  Open ubuntu recover data from hard drive directly without installation, and then please select the location of the external hard drive, select ubuntu recover data from usb drive your drive letter, such as G disk, then select the forced format button, and click OK directly. ubuntu recover data from usb stick If you are lucky, the repair will be successful in a few seconds.

  Then there is the Kingston Format ubuntu recover deleted files from usb Utility tool

  The way to use is similar. Just select your USB drive letter, and then click format ubuntu recover deleted files usb stick directly, you can repair your USB drive in a few seconds, so there are many ways to fix the USB drive ubuntu recover files damaged hard drive if it's broken. Don't worry, it's useless.

  In addition, there are many external hard drive repair ubuntu recover files from external hdd tools. There are special catalogs on the mass production network to choose from. Please try more ubuntu recover files from hard drive and there will always be one that can repair your external hard drive.

  In addition, for the external ubuntu recovery mode mount usb drive drive that can't be repaired by any other tool, you can use the external drive mass production tool ubuntu recovery mode move.files onto usb on this site to solve it. This is the basic repair tool of the factory. You can only repair it in ubuntu tools to recover hard drive this way when you return it to the factory, so it is very reliable. , If you have perseverance, you uefi usb acronis backup recovery 11 can try.

  So when you encounter a external hard drive file or directory that is damaged and unreadable, uefi windows 8 recovery disk usb you don't have to panic. As long as the external hard drive is genuine, it is not so easy to ultimate boot cd data recovery usb break. Even if there is a small fault, you can use various tools to repair it. , Even if the data is unable to recover windows 10 usb lost, you can use the tool to retrieve it. It depends on whether you have this interest and perseverance. undetected external hard drive data recovery Sometimes it can be repaired in a few seconds. You have repaired the external hard drive for a unformatted hard drive recovery xbox 360 long time, which is very exciting.