How to install soft router firmware on an old computer to become a router tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-24 16:20

  Many people now have useless old computers and are reluctant to lose them. Then you can consider best program recover formatted hard drive turning the old computer into a router. No matter how low the configuration of the computer is, the best program to recover hard drive configuration of the router is higher than that of the router. So using a computer as a router is very best rated hard drive recovery service effective, of course. It costs electricity. If it is an old laptop computer, it is more suitable best rated hard drive recovery software to be a router. This kind of router is called a soft router, so how do we turn an old computer into a best raw hard drive recovery software soft router.The method is very simple, let me teach you.

  1. The desktop computer needs to buy a best recovering lost files on usb gigabit network card or wireless network card

  There is no need to buy a network card for a laptop, best recovery form digital camera hardrive because it usually comes with two network cards, a wired network card and a wireless network card.

  best recovery software external hard drive  Desktop computers generally only have one wired network card. As a router, one less network card best recovery software for usb stick needs to be purchased. Gigabit network card is recommended here, because the current broadband is more best software data recovery hard drive than 100M. Of course, if your home broadband is not 100M, you can buy 100M. Mega NIC.

  2. Download best software to recover external drive WinImage tool

  Download KoolShare soft router firmware

  3. Use the USB boot disk creation tool to best software to recover usb files make a USB boot disk to start the old computer, put the soft router firmware and WinImage tool into best tool to recover deleted harddrive the boot disk external hard drive, start the winpe in the external hard drive and open the diskgenius best usb data recovery software 2015 software Format the entire hard drive as a partition

  If you don't have a boot disk, you can also best usb data recovery software free remove the hard disk of the old computer and put it on another normal computer that you can use. best usb data recovery software mac Use the normal computer to open the diskgenius software to format your old hard disk. This is more best usb data recovery software reviews troublesome. It is recommended to boot with a external hard drive. It's better to format.

  4. Open the best usb drive data recovery software WinImage software under winpe, and make the soft router firmware into the hard disk of the old best usb drive for chromebook recovery computer, the making method is as shown in the figure below

  5. After the firmware is written to the best usb flash disk data recovery hard disk, we can pull out the external hard drive and let the old computer boot from the hard disk. best usb flash drive recovery software After booting, it will be automatically installed as shown in the figure below. We can press Enter best usb flash drive recovery tool and wait for the installation to succeed.

  6. After the firmware installation is complete, the soft best usb flash drive repair software router is ready. Next, we need to set up the soft router. Use a network cable to connect the soft best usb hard disk recovery software router (old computer) to any of our available computers, and set the Ethernet attribute in the available best usb hard drive recovery software computers. The network is set to the following figure to enter the router background, because the best usb recovery software actually free default address of the soft router is At this time, it is easy to understand the soft best usb recovery software free download routing as the router we usually use.

  7. Then we open the browser on a normal computer and enter best usb stick data recovery software the background address

  Password: koolshare

  In this way, you enter the backend of the best usb thumbdrive for chrome recovery soft router. The interface as shown in the figure below, is it the same as the usual router best windows 7 external recover drive interface?.

  At this time, we need to set the two network cards to a lan port, one is a wan port, pay attention best windows hard drive recovery software to the difference between the network card you currently connect to your normal computer and set best windows password recovery tool usb it to a lan port.NIC 0, namely eth0

  And the port from the optical modem or your original router bet hard drive recover sofware reddit to your old computer is the WAN port network card.Set to network card 1, namely eth1

  8. Next, bios does not detect recovery usb configure the Internet access method, now generally there is no need to dial up, so choose the DHCP client bios recovery 2 from hard drive (automatically obtain an IP address to access the Internet)

  9. Connect the network cable of the bios recovery usb flash crisis disk wan port and the network cable of the lan port, and our computer can access the Internet through the bios recovery usb flash drive hp soft router, as shown in the figure below.

  Summary: So far, the soft router has been successfully bitlocker password recovery external hard drive made. Note that the network card of the lan port and the wan port is No. 1 and the other is No. 0, bitlocker recovery key for hard drive so you have to change the port to test it out, because the difference is not good.There are no other bitlocker recovery key new hard drive difficulties. The recommended soft router firmware functions here are many, which can realize the bleaching a hard drive and recovery functions that are not easy to achieve by ordinary routers in your home, such as advertising, such blu flash recovery from external memory as automatic km, etc., many practical functions, please test by yourself.