windows 11 10 prompts that the computer has insufficient memory[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-24 15:40

  Everyone knows that the memory price is cheap now, so the general computer memory is very large, recover data on external hard drivenot discoveredmac it is impossible to have insufficient memory, but today my Win10 system is in use, a window suddenly recover data on hard drive reformatted hirems pops up, saying "The computer has insufficient memory "This is unscientific. Open the task manager recover data on hard drive through usb and find that the memory usage rate is not that high. This is probably not because the system has recover data on wd external hard drive insufficient memory. Then where is the memory shortage.It took a long time to find out that the graphics recover data seagate freeagent external hard drive card memory is insufficient.The following is a detailed introduction to the solution to solve the recover data usb flash drive free software Win10 prompt "Insufficient computer memory".

  Phenomenon analysis

  First of all, this problem is recover data usb flash drive not recognized usually accompanied by computer screen flickering, flower screen, etc., which is a manifestation of a recover data wd elements external hard drive serious shortage of computer graphics card memory.If your computer is a discrete graphics card, I recover data when usb debugging is off suggest you replace it with a better graphics card to meet your daily needs.Of course, if you are using recover datga from a corrupt hard drive an integrated graphics card, you can increase the video memory in the bios settings, but it will recover dead computer to virtual hard drive also reduce your cpu memory.

  1. Press DEL to enter the BIOS when booting, and the set display recover delete emails from harddrive outlook 2016 adjustment position is in the Chipset-North Bridge sub-item.

  2. The IGD Memory item is to set the video recover delete files from usb windows 10 memory size.

  3. Adjust the video memory size according to your needs.

  4. After saving and recover deleted data from external hard disk exiting, enter the system normally, and you will find that the available capacity has changed.

  After recover deleted data from external hard drive following the above operations, generally there will be no indication of insufficient memory anymore, recover deleted data from hard drive free because the principle of the memory of the graphics card is the same as the principle of physical recover deleted data from hard drive linux memory, so the Win10 system regards the video memory as memory, so it will show that the memory is recover deleted data from hard drive mac insufficient, which is actually the graphics card. The problem.