[2022]USB flash drive antivirus and antivirus often have methods.

30 2021-07-31 22:13

I often see friends around the USB flash drive poisoning, and the characteristics of this virus is to insert the USB flash drive computer will be poisoned, and will be infected later inserted other USB flash drive - - so.

  So. To kill the virus, after killing it can also prevent re-poisoning ~ ~ the home of USB flash drive

  PS: I used to call all devices connected to the computer displaying removable disks (USB flash drive, MP4, MP3, memory cards and the like) USB flash drive, and all malicious programs with infectivity called viruses.

  USB flash drive home

  1. Is my USB flash drive poisoned?

  USB flash drive poisoning has the following symptoms.

  1. Double click can not open the disk icon. ←Double-click on the disk icon automatically runs a virus

  2. Right-click menu appears AUTO items or other unknown items. ←The classic way of infection, autoplay

  3. Program options (not pictures, music, files, etc.) appear when playing automatically. ←Folder is infected and replaced with virus after being hidden

  USB flash drive home

  4. All folders disappear. ← Folder is infected, and the virus disguised as a folder is killed by antivirus software USB flash drive home

  5. Folder icon turns into program shape when opening USB flash drive, then immediately restored. ←Folder is infected and replaced with virus after being hidden

  USB flash drive home

  6. Can't copy the folder, can't open it after copying. ←The folder is infected and replaced by a virus after being hidden, what you copied is actually a virus program USB flash drive home

  7. Unidentified EXE file appears in USB flash drive, the icon is a folder. ← Virus disguised as a folder.

  USB flash drive

  8. Can't think of any more ...... USB flash drive Home

  The presence of one of the above symptoms means that your USB flash drive is poisoned. ← Generally there will be more than one - - USB flash drive home

  2. What is poisoned?

  The first thing we need to understand is a feature of the WINDOWS system: autoplay. It can help you automatically open the player when you put in CDs, DVDs and other discs to play, but also when you insert the USB flash drive to quickly access the files inside. It can also be opened quickly when you double-click on a disk drive. However, this feature creates good conditions for viruses to automatically open virus programs when inserting a poisoned USB flash drive or certain discs containing viruses.


  What ↑↑↑↑ said above is just a very old-fashioned way of spreading the virus from a long time ago, and now almost all security software can defend against it. Press SHIFT key when inserting the disc to skip the autoplay. USB flash drive home

  So the virus has developed a new way of attacking: disguised folders. The virus first hides all the folders in the root directory of your USB flash drive, then creates a virus program with the same name as your folder, with the icon of the folder icon ...... When you open this program, it spreads the virus and opens the real folder. I have to admire the creativity of the author of the virus ah - USB flash drive home

  There is also the least efficient but most classic method of infection: the infection program. You execute the virus when you execute the infected program. This is the method of infection used when viruses first appeared, and there are still viruses in use.


  3. Prepare to kill the virus ~~~

  First, find a computer that is not poisoned. Many people find that even if the USB flash drive is formatted or toxic, it is because your computer is poisoned, formatted just after the virus is infected again - - -

  USB flash drive home

  The USB flash drive can be opened safely. open my computer, hold down the SHIFT key and insert the USB flash drive. wait for the USB flash drive drive to come out and then release it. Tap the folder button on the toolbar, or select Menu - View - Browser Bar - Folder. Then click on the USB flash drive in the list on the left. ← Right-click to open is not advisable, the virus can disguise the right-click menu, select "Open", "Explorer", or even "Search " will open the virus

  Finally, open Tools - Folder Options - View, cancel "Hide protected OS files" (ignore the warning and choose "Yes"), "Hide extensions of known file types". . Click to check "Show all files and folders". ←If you can't select it properly, it means that the computer is poisoned. It is very good to repair the YouTubers home

  4. Kill the virus ~~!

  1. Press WIN + R key combination (WIN is Z and SHIFT key below, CTRL key right, ALT key left of that key) to open the Run dialog box. Enter cmd, enter to open the command line. ← Command line actually works very well

  2. Type in the drive letter of your USB flash drive, then type a colon : and enter. ←Enter the USB flash drive

  3. Type attrib *. * -s -h /s /d, enter. ← Remove all files from the hidden attribute USB flash drive home

  4. Now look at your USB flash drive again, did you find a lot of EXE files or autorun.inf files? ← you see two of the same folder? Then there is a virus, the right-click menu is not "open, search, explorer" and so on is a virus.

  5. what are you waiting for - - delete them ~ ~ ~ and strange BAT, CMD, SCR, PIF files, WINDOWS flag icon file, gear icon file, delete ~ ~ ~ ← autorun.inf icon is a folder? Try to delete ~~ Delete it even if you can't. USB flash drive home

  6. antivirus completed, applause ~ ~ ~ ~ do not rush, next to immunize your USB flash drive, no longer infected by the virus ~ ~ ~ USB flash drive home

  5. Immunize USB flash drive ~~~!

  1. not yet close the command line, right ~ ~ close it and repeat steps 1 and 2 above. USB flash drive home

  2. Type md autorun.inf, enter. ← Create a folder with the same name as the autoplay file name, so that the virus can not create autoplay files

  3. There is no "Subdirectory or file autorun.inf already exists." If you do not see "subdirectory or file autorun.inf already exists", paste the following into it, and finally enter ~~ ← you may have been immune ~~

  cd autorun.inf

  md 1... \ Home of USB flash drive

  md 2... \ USB flash drive home

  md AntiVirus... \

  USB flash drive home

  cd... Home of USB flash drive

  attrib autorun.inf +s +h +r

  Home of the USB flash drive 

  4. Look at your USB flash drive, is there an extra folder? Now you are basically immune to the autoplay type of virus. ← is basically immune, this folder can be renamed == 

  Next is the folder icon virus immunity, deal with this virus well, to the folder to change an icon on the line. See the icon is not right from the address bar to open ~ ~ ← in the address bar or paste the folder name, enter can USB flash drive home

  6. How to change it? Open a local disk, find a random folder, right-click and select Properties - Customize, click Change icon at the bottom, select an icon you like, OK. ← You can't do this on USB flash drive - - USB flash drive home

  7. Then go to this folder, find Desktop.ini and copy it. ←This file is the file to add the icon to the folder

  8. Paste this file into all the folders in the USB flash drive. ←How come no icon appears. Don't worry, look down

  Home of USB flash drive

  9. Go back to the command line again ~~ don't say you turned off - - USB flash drive home

  10. Type attrib folder name +s and replace the folder name with the name of your folder. ← Add system properties to this folder so that Desktop.ini can take effect

  11. Repeat several times until all folders are set to system properties. 

  12. Now look at your USB flash drive, has the folder icon changed? ← Find me if it hasn't changed.

  13. There is also an infection program-type virus, this is better defense. Just set the program to read-only. ← right click properties in the settings  

  Finally, usually to develop good habits, press SHIFT key to insert the USB flash drive, copy files to the USB flash drive before packing compression, right-click to open the folder, and so on. ← pay attention to the right click, if the "run mode" is the virus USB flash drive home

  15. Well, now your USB flash drive is less likely to be infested with viruses ......


  USB flash drive antivirus and antivirus often have methods.