How to identify and repair the expanded external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

55 2021-08-24 15:10

  I saw a 64G Kingston external drive with a very cheap price in the department store.After I bought surface rt using the usb recovery drive it back, I didn't feel right when I used it.It's okay when storing small files, once you put a larger surface windows 8 1 rt usb recovery file, you won't be able to read it.I checked it online and found out that I bought an expansion symantec encryption desktop recovery usb windows 10 disk with an actual capacity of only 500M.So what is an expansion disk.

  Expansion disk means that synology external drive not ejected properly recover the manufacturer uses a mass production tool (software) to make the external hard drive display capacity system image recovery from external hard drive larger than the actual capacity.Specifically, for example, you bought a 2G external drive, but system image recovery windows 10 using usb copy the 2G stuff, only part of it can be opened, and the rest show that the file is damaged or can't system image recovery windows 8 1 usb be opened. You don't know what's going on.This is the expansion disk.Explain that your actual capacity system recover image on new hard drive is not 2G.I heard that there is a JS that expands 32M to 2G.This kind of external drive is also system recovery doctor software freeze hard drive the most on the market, and it is also the easiest to deceive you.

  Identification points:

  The system recovery does not recognize hard drive software h2testw expansion disk test software is needed, and you can know if it is an expansion external system recovery windows 10 single image usb hard drive after testing.

  You can also manually fill the external hard drive with the same photo system recovery windows 10 usb format usb files in order, and then see if the photo files can be read. After filling the external hard drive system recovery windows 7 usb flash drive with this method, I found that the 4G files before can be read, and the 4G files after Read error.

system wiped hard drive can i recover   The first step is to detect the actual capacity of the external hard drive

  (1) Tools required: systools hard drive data recovery 3 2 h2testw

  (2) Specific operation: select the external hard drive and check its actual capacity.(The systools hard drive data recovery 3 3 result shows that the actual capacity of the "4G" external hard drive in my hand is about 2030M)

  The systools hard drive data recovery 9.0 0.0 second step, partition the external hard drive

  (1) Tools needed: PatitionMagic Partition Server systools hard drive data recovery activation key Edition (WINDOWS environment)

  (2) Selection operation: select the external hard drive, delete its systools hard drive data recovery full version partition, and create a new partition. The partition size is set to the actual capacity after the systools hard drive data recovery serial key first step detection (my actual capacity is about 2030, which is set according to the setting 2010 for systools hard drive data recovery software free the sake of insurance), Confirm after choosing format.The remaining ones show unallocated fake systools hard drive data recovery v9 0 capacity regardless.

  (3) Perform operation: Operation-apply changes.

  (4 After the PM program is systools hard drive recovery not finding file executed, the external hard drive already has available space equivalent to its actual capacity, and take apart hard drive to recover dat a you're done!

  One thing to pay attention to when partitioning the external drive: the new partition tanix tx3 usb firmware recovery tx3 fix must be assigned a drive letter (you can choose one other than the existing drive letter), otherwise the best external hard drive recovery software the USB drive will not be displayed next time the USB drive is plugged in.

  After all this tinkering, the best external hard drive recovery tips the external hard drive has recovered its actual capacity, only 2G, depressed, the consequences of the best free hard drive recovery software greed for cheap.

  Solution 2: Mass production

  You can use ChipGenius chip query tool.The the best hard drive data recovery software identification of a USB device mainly relies on its VID and PID information. VID and PID represent the the best hard drive recovery software free manufacturer's number and the manufacturer's internal product number, respectively.With this information, the best usb flash drive recovery software you can know which factory made your external hard drive chip.

  ChipGenius clearly gives the VID the hard drive recovery has been selected and PID information of the external hard drive and the corresponding manufacturer iCreate and possible the hard drive recovery process has been models.Then you can use this information to search for the corresponding mass production tool.

   thinkvantage rescue and recovery format hard drive Mass production tool can be understood as a tool for external hard drive manufacturers to write three hundred dollar hard drive recovery review external hard drive information in batches during the production of external hard drive. I don't know time machine recover lost external hard drive when it will appear quietly. I usually see some external hard drives with anti-virus software and fake time to make windows 10 recovery usb external hard drives for expansion. The class is realized by mass production tools~

  Through the tips for data recovery from hard drive several models given and tested with the corresponding mass production tools, the result is that to recover deleted files from usb drive iCreate5062LQ can recognize my external hard drive, so the tool is it!

  Next is to set up, first change to retrieve deleted files from hard drive the capacity to normal, in the main interface, open "Settings", then find the "Capacity adjustment" tool to recover data in usb flash tab, select "Capacity adjustment", and select "4096" in the capacity level (because it is 4G),

  As top 10 external hard disk recovery software you can see, there is also a "fixed capacity" option in the options. It is estimated that 8GB is top 10 external hard drive recovery software selected and mass-produced~ Then select "OK", "re-mass production", and wait for the software to say top 10 formatted hard drives recovery softwares Ok, just fine.