The external hard drive prompts that it needs to be formatted to RAW and use Ptedit32 to successfully repair it without loss Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-24 15:00

  The CZ80 I bought some time ago suggested that it needs to be formatted before it can be used. I recover data on bad hard drive have always felt that the reputation of SanDisk's external hard drive is very good, so I did not recover data on broken hard drive hesitate to buy CZ80.It feels good to use the two, and there is no problem.

  However, the following recover data on corrupted hard drive dialog box popped up after plugging into the computer two days ago: It crashed instantly. Since SanDisk's recover data on damaged hard drive external hard drive does not have a mass production tool, the mass production method can't be recover data on dead external drive used.

  After clicking Cancel, the following dialog box appears:

  Checking the properties of the external recover data on external hard disk hard drive, it is found that the file system has been changed to RAW and can't be opened by recover data on failed hard drive double-clicking.Show that the used space is zero.What's more serious is that the disk can't be formatted.It's recover data on formated external drive the first time i met.Double-click the general prompt "The disk is not formatted, do you want recover data on formatted external drive to format it now", click OK, and when the formatting progress bar is almost finished, it will prompt recover data on hard drive crashed "Win not formatted".This is the phenomenon.

  Take the chkdsk tool that comes with win to detect and recover data on hard drive free say that it does not support the RAW file system format.

  After thinking about it, let's restore recover data on laptop hard drive the data for the classmates first.Downloaded EasyRecoveryProfessional from the Internet.The usage of recover data password protected hard drive this software is quite a lot on the Internet.I won't talk about it here.According to the instructions, recover data pgp encrypted hard drive I recovered the data on the external drive, but there are many formats I have never seen before.For recover data raw file system usb example:ADO .MOF don't know.

  After the recovery, I thought about how to make the external hard recover data seagate external hard disk drive work. This is the key.

  A friend of mine also bought a CZ80 external drive. I borrowed it and recover data sophos encrypted hard drive wanted to compare it.Open the PTEDIT32 tool that comes with MagicPartition, this tool can be used recover data ubuntu external hard drive independently, or you can download PTEDIT32 separately;.Cut two partition table diagrams of the same recover data unreadable external hard drive external hard drive as follows:

  The disk in question is as follows: