Simple evaluation of PNY Mini Hooke plate[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-24 14:50

  From Hooke plate to Transformer plate, from to Mini M1, PNY has brought us more and more surprises.Just hpe ml350 gen10 uefi usb recovery environment when consumers are still immersed in the barriers of PNY's metal external hard drive selection, hpe uefi usb spp 2017.1 recovery environment PNY once again launched new products.It has to be said that this practice of PNY is really "bitter" hpw to change usb to recovery drive for users, and the classic metal external drives are all admirable, telling consumers what to do.? data recovery hard disk drive Today's protagonist is the PNY Mini Hook external drive!Today this product finally arrived at ZOL tag hard drive data recovery Consumer Storage Division, let's take a look at the performance of this product.

  PNY Mini Hook first www.silicon web download usb recovery test

  PNY Mini Hooke plate is a smaller version of Hooke plate.First of all, from the appearance, threads recovery usb not working.4331 the PNY mini Hooke plate uses the same champagne gold as the Hooke plate, which is exactly the same www.silicon web download usb recovery as the Hooke plate.Just like M1 and Mini M1, although the design is the same, but the size is i need to recover windows 10 usb different, the style is completely changed.

  PNY Mini Hooke Plate

  PNY Mini Hooke plate size is ilike external hard drive data recovery review 39mmLx12mmWx4.5mmH, only weighs 6.88g.Although the size of the Mini Hook plate is small and cute, its metal ilike external recovery save search on restart body and steel material add a masculine flavor to the product, giving a taste of both rigidity and imac g5 recovery not recognizing hard drive softness, whether it is used by female or male consumers. Different interpretations.It is suitable imac reformat hard drive skip internet recovery for yuppie men who love popular and cutting-edge things and pay attention to the taste of life. It imaging a hard drive for data recovery has a simple and restrained style with little decoration; it is also suitable for urban beautiful imation usb flash drive driver free download women. The more pleasurable double-sided traits. external hard drive Home

  PNY Mini Hook external drive increase hard drive space site recovery manager Home

  PNY Mini Hook plate also uses a unique hook head design, but the biggest difference from inexpensive hard drive recovery for windows 10 Hook is that Hook is a rigid square hook design, while Mini Hook is a more flexible round hook design. infosec boot camp reviews hard drive recovery It can be rotated by 180 degrees. The simple hook head not only increases the playability, but also insalling windows 10 recovery usb fixing partition fixes the position according to the rotation of different angles, which is convenient for hooking insert recovery usb before booting new drive objects.Cylindrical plug can also ensure the stability of the object hook.

  Let's take a look at the inspiron 15 3000 usb boot to recovery speed performance of this product.

  ● Low-level test: hd tach

  The HD Tach read speed test does install from recovery usb on m.2 drive not depend on the file system, and the curve score is basically equivalent to the internal transmission install hard drive dell inspiron recovery partitions rate test of the hard disk.It reflects the idealized hard disk speed, and its extended part is install hp recovery manager new hard drive about the reflection of the buffer to disk item in the disk performance table. In real applications, install mac from usb while in recovery there is very little chance to reach such a height. external hard drive Home

  PNY Mini Hooke Disk install mac os from usb recovery mode HD Tach Test

  HD Tach is a commonly used memory testing tool.The average reading speed of the PNY install macos from usb in recovery mode Mini Hooke Disk is 20MB/sec, and the burst reading speed is 17.2MB/sec.From the test results, we can install mavericks from usb with recovery partition see that the data read by this external drive is quite stable, and there is no fluctuating speed drop, install osx on external drive using recovery which proves the high-quality performance of this product's Flash memory chip.

  Simple evaluation install recovery partition windows 8.1 from usb of PNY Mini Hooke plate: