How to lock the system with external hard driveordinary external hard drive turned into external hard drive lock[Win11 Solutions]

33 2021-08-24 14:20

  At present there is a device called external hard drive lock on the market, with which the system hitachi hard drive data recovery services can be easily locked, and the system can only be re-entered after plugging in the external hard drive hitachi hard drive data recovery software lock.It's a pity that the external hard drive lock device is more expensive, and we generally don' hitachi hard drive recovery fort myers t buy it specially; then can we modify the ordinary external hard drive to make it have the function hitachi hard drive recovery sw florid a of external hard drive lockThe answer is yes, as long as we set the following settings in the operating hope to create bios recovery usb system above Windows 2000, we can achieve the above purpose:

  First enter the flash disk root hoto recover files on external drive directory window, and right-click the blank space, click the "New"/"Text Document" command from the houston external hard drive data recovery right-click menu that appears afterward, and set the name of the newly created text file to how build windows home recovery usb "aaa.tzt";

  Next, open the Notepad program and enter the following command code in its editing interface: how can you recover a usb if not exist H:aaa.txt shutdown -t 3 -s -c "The system is locked, shut down immediately!"

  Among them, how do you get usb recovery "H" is assumed to be the drive letter of the partition corresponding to the external hard drive, how does hard drive recovery work shutdown.exe is the system shutdown program. Since the file does not exist in the Windows 2000 system, how long external hard drive recovery we must shut down from the "Windowssystem32" subfolder under the Windows XP system.Copy and paste how long recovery usb windows 10 the exe file into the "Winntsystem32" subfolder under the Windows 2000 system; save the above code how make windows 10 recovery usb as a batch file with the extension bat, suppose we name the file "pass.bat".

  Next, click the how much cost hard drive recovery "Start"/"Run" command in turn to open the system's run dialog box, and enter the string command "gpedit.msc", how much hard drive recovery cost click the "OK" button to enter the system's group policy editing interface; in the left pane how much is hard drive recovery area of the interface, use the mouse to expand "User Configuration", "Windows Settings", "Script-(Login how retrieve deleted files from usb /Logout)" item, in the right display area corresponding to the "Script-(Login/Logout)" item, how t use dell recovery usb double-click the "Login" option to open the login property setting interface as shown in Figure 4; click how to access hard drive recovery the " Add" button, and then in the interface that pops up afterwards, add the previously created how to book with recovery usb "pass.bat" script file is selected and imported, and finally click the "OK" button to exit the setting how to boot a recovery usb interface.

  Later, when we try to restart the computer system without inserting the external hard how to boot from a.recovery usb drive, the system will automatically pop up "System is locked, shut down immediately!"" prompt, and how to boot from recovery usb the system will be shut down immediately. When the system is restarted with the external drive inserted, how to boot recovery drive usb it is found that everything is normal when the system starts. In this way, the ordinary external how to creat usb recovery drive drive will become a external drive lock to protect the security of the system.