Which memory detection tool is better Measured comparison[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-24 14:10

  Memory detection tools are commonly used software. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer, how to create mac osx recovery usb there are memory sticks. If there is a problem with the memory, it will cause a blue screen, crash or how to create mac recovery startup usb fail to turn on the computer for no reason. So when you encounter these problems, it is ruled out. how to create os x recovery usb For other hardware failures, you should consider whether there is a problem with the memory module. how to create phoenix bios recovery usb To detect whether the memory module is faulty, you need to use this tool. Then there are many such how to create recovery disk on usb tools, and the effects are different. Which memory card detection tool is? Relatively easy to use?The how to create recovery image in usb following is recommended for everyone to use the actual test.

  The memory test is divided into a how to create recovery partition hard drive DOS version and a windows version. In the case of booting into the computer, of course the win version how to create recovery usb for chromebook is more intuitive, so the first recommended version is this MemTest Pro version. It is the pro how to create recovery usb for surface version more than the free version. Function, after downloading, open a small window of memory test, we how to create recovery usb windows 10 only need to click to start the test, and the memory will be tested cyclically. The default is to how to create recovery usb windows 8 test the capacity of all the memory. Of course, we can also set to test only a part of the memory. It how to create recovery usb windows 8.1 can test large-capacity memory, it will run silently in the background, we can continue to do other how to create surface 2 recovery usb things, of course, it is recommended not to do anything, wait for the test to complete, the test how to create usb recovery windows 10 error, it will display several errors, no errors It means that there is no problem with the memory, and how to create usb recovery windows 7 the test is completed depending on the detailed type of the error. You can open the log to view it. how to create usb recovery windows 8 It is the first recommendation because it is easy to use and has no difficulty in the Chinese how to create usb windows 10 recovery unrestricted function software, and the test is accurate, and the test results are good for reference. how to create w 10 recovery usb of.

  It is a software produced by a different company from the MemTest above, but the name is similar. how to create win 10 recovery usb After downloading MemTest64, you can see that the interface is different. The software from foreign how to create windows 10 recovery usb countries has been Chineseized and free of charge.

  You can see that the interface is as simple how to create windows 10 usb recovery and easy to understand, you only need to test the maximum memory by default, and then click to start how to create windows 7 recovery usb the test and it will run automatically. Unlike the first software, it can set the thread of the cpu, how to create windows 8 recovery usb the more threads test the memory The faster the speed is, the more system resources are consumed. how to create windows 8.1 recovery usb It is generally recommended not to perform other computer operations during testing. It can also be how to create windows recovery disk usb set to run indefinitely, or only run until the set time is stopped, or run after a few cycles Stop, how to create windows xp recovery usb you can also set the operation to stop when encountering a memory error. It is relatively flexible, how to crete a recovery image usb and it supports any capacity of memory, such as 16G or 32G memory. After the test is completed, it how to data recovery dead hard drive will display whether an error has been detected. If there is no error, it means that there is no memory. how to data recovery hard drive software Problem, the test result is still worthy of affirmation.

  3. Memtest86+ DOS version

  The above how to delete hard drive recovery partition recommended memory detection software is the windows version, and if our computer can't access the how to delete recovery folders on usb system desktop, then we can only use the DOS version, just download Memtest86+ and use the floppy how to download hp bios recovery usb disk to make it into the external hard drive. Started from the external hard drive, and many external how to download windows 10 recovery usb hard drive boot disk creation tools also come with the DOS version of this tool, the same can be how to download windows 7 recovery usb booted from the external hard drive to use.

  You can see that because of the DOS version, it is in how to enable usb debugging from recovery English, but it is not difficult to use. As shown in the figure above, you can see that the full capacity how to errase a recovery drive usb of the memory has been identified. We only need to press Enter, and it will start testing the how to external hard drive data recovery memory and run. You can see the progress of the test at the upper right. The percentage of passes is the how to find recovered files on usb memory capacity that passed the test. If all passes are passed, the memory is okay. If there is a how to fix usb with recovered file number after ERRORS, it means that there is a problem with the memory. Generally, there are a few how to fix usb with recovery file memory sticks. Root, we can determine which memory module is faulty by testing one by one, so that we how to format a chrome recovery usb can buy a new one to replace it.

  4. Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic

  Microsoft's own memory how to format asus laptop with usb testing tool, so it usually comes with this tool when a relatively new system such as win10 system how to format usb for windows recovery starts. Of course, it may not be available due to some reasons, but it does not matter. We can download how to generate a recovery usb drive the Windows Memory Diagnostic ISO version and change it Use ultraiso to start the computer in the how to get a windows recovery usb external hard drive. It is also used when you can't access the computer desktop. The test method is how to get windows 10 recovery usb similar to the above software, and the test accuracy is the same. Of course, the interface is also how to hard boot to recovery drive in English, but generally click Enter Start the test and wait for more than 1 hour without any failures. how to install dell recovery from usb If failed, it means that there is no problem with the memory.You can stop the test and click the how to install dell recovery usb drive X button. The default is to test in the standard mode. Note that as long as you don't stop the test, how to install windows from recovery usb it will continue to run.

  Five, Ram Stress Test

  This Ram Stress Test download is used by repair how to load usb recovery windows vist a shops and factories in memory testing. It is a relatively professional memory testing tool, suitable how to make a bios recovery usb for professional life use. It is also a DOS version, with a relatively complex interface, all in how to make a bootable recovery usb English and Many, but its test results are very accurate, and it can also tell which memory module is how to make a chrome recovery usb the problem, so that there is no need to manually pull out the extra memory module to eliminate the how to make a chromebook recovery usb operation.

  After testing a memory capacity, it will continue to the next cycle, and it will not how to make a dell recovery usb stop until there is no error. We need to press X to stop. Every round of testing will give aucceeded, how to make a imac recovery usb which means there is no problem. If there is an error, it will display err. Etc., because this tool how to make a mac recover usb is a repair level, it is generally used to test whether the repaired memory module is free of problems, how to make a mac recovery usb rather than to find the problem to replace the memory module. It is suitable for professionals how to make a macos recovery usb to use.

  The most reliable memory detection software is basically the above five. The others are how to make a password recovery usb used less, inaccurate or unprofessional. The above shows the different memory detection software that how to make a recovery usb avast can enter the desktop and the different memory detection software that can't enter the desktop. Choose how to make a recovery usb drive to use it if you can't enter the system. In addition, if you can't enter the system, you can use how to make a recovery usb windows the winpe boot disk to open the desktop version of the memory detection tool, so that you can also how to make a usb recovery disk avoid the use of the DOS version of the full English interface. Of course, the memory detection tool how to make a usb recovery drive that comes with winpe is also above. The software listed.