external hard drive to install system for Apple computer[Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-24 13:40

  Mac is the computer everyone dreams of. What do you want to use when you own itLet's take everyone windows password recovery usb windows 7 to play with the Mac-let Apple install a Microsoft Windows system, let's take a look at how to install windows password recovery usb windows 8 the windows system on the Mac computer with a external hard drive.

  1. Software requirements

   windows recover data from hard drive ⑴ WIN7 installation version ISO image (recommended to use genuine, if you can not download other windows recover deleted files from usb versions, please ask Baidu for the address)

  ⑵ Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool (used to make WIN7 windows recover files from hard drive installation disk, please ask Baidu for download address)

  ⑶ rEFIt.dmg (used to display the selected windows recover old mac hard drive startup disk when AIR starts)

  2. Hardware requirements:

  ⑴ One external hard drive above 4G (used windows recovery 7 usb not working to make WIN7 installation disk), one external hard drive above 1G (used to store WIN7 driver)

  ⑵ One windows recovery asking to bootable usb MAC BOOK AIR (used to install WIN7)

  ⑶ One other computer with WIN system installed (used to make windows recovery boot external hard drive WIN7 installation disk, download required software, read this tutorial, etc.)

  ⑷ WIFI network windows recovery boot password reset usb environment (for MAC BOOK AIR download WIN7 driver)

  2. Officially started

  1. Make a external hard drive windows recovery command prompt usb drive WIN7 installation disk (make it on another computer)

  Open the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool windows recovery disc harddrive format dynaic software

  a. Select the CD image ISO file of windows7

  b. Select the type to be made, USB Device windows recovery disc windows 7 usb refers to external hard drive, mobile hard disk,

  c. Insert your external hard drive, and then select windows recovery disk usb windows 10 the letter of your external hard drive

  d. It was made successfully in a short while!

  After the windows recovery disk usb windows 7 production is over, you can use this external hard drive to install the windows7 operating system!

  windows recovery disk windows 10 usb  2. Open the AIR Apple system and install rEFIt

  /rEFIt-0.14.dmg, there will be a virtual folder windows recovery disk windows 7 usb after decompression, click on the mpkg file inside to execute the installation program

  After that, windows recovery doesn't recognize hard drive continue to complete the installation like the next step, continue, etc.

  After the installation is windows recovery drive on a usb complete, find this file enable-always in the AIR hard drive.sh, double-click to open it, and then windows recovery drive windows 10 usb turn it off this step is OK.

  3. Download the WIN7 driver of AIR

  First, AIR uses WIFI to connect windows recovery environment windows 10 usb to the Internet

  b Click on the application and then enter the utility to find bootcamp.Then open~~

windows recovery environment windows 7 usb   c Download the WIN support software, that is, the WIN7 driver of AIR (the download time is longer, windows recovery environment windows 8 usb I don't know how long it takes, I went to bed after I clicked it, and I woke up the next morning and windows recovery file erased hard drive the download was complete)

  Save the WIN support software to a 1G external hard drive

  3. Then windows recovery image usb bit torrent partition the air

  You can use 32GB or equal partitioning. In the equal style, you will not be able windows recovery locked from hard drive to tell which disk you want to install, so it is best to use a hard disk capacity that you can remember windows recovery media 8 1 usb simply and clearly, such as 60G.

  Here you divide 60G. After installation, the C drive under the windows recovery not detecting hard drive windows system is 60G, and then you can use the disk management tool under the windows system to windows recovery not detecting recovery usb divide it into a 40G D drive.

  If there are fewer points, then you have to enter the mac os system windows recovery not seeing usb drive and re-divide again, which is more troublesome.The former is relatively simple and acceptable.

  After windows recovery options hard drive driver partitioning, do not choose to install now, choose another.

  Insert the prepared installation windows recovery to another hard drive disk

  Choose to boot from the installation disk

  Enter the WIN7 installer

  For WIN7 installation, windows recovery tool usb windows 10 please follow the prompts step by step, no more detailed instructions, you need to note that when you windows recovery tool usb windows 7 choose to install in which partition, do not choose the wrong one, choose the disk with the word windows recovery tool windows 10 usb (bootcamp) behind, which is the 60G you just allocated That, then format it, you can install it.

  5. windows recovery usb drive not valid Install the driver

  After WIN7 is installed, plug in the external hard drive loaded with WIN7 support windows recovery usb drive windows 10 software, install the bootcamp inside, and he will automatically install the required drivers.

  external windows recovery usb dvice to small hard drive to install system for Apple computer: