How to make Win11 computer turn on the numeric keypad automatically [Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-24 12:50

  Although computers are divided into desktop computers and laptops, strictly speaking, our laptops recover lenovo laptop through a usb are also different, such as 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, and all of them. Generally speaking, recover lenovo on new hard drive these There is not much difference between laptops, but in some details, there are still some recover lenovo to new hard drive differences.For example, a laptop under 15 inches does not have a numeric keyboard. When you want to enter recover license keys from hard drive numbers, you can only use the top row of keys on the keyboard. This is very depressing for many recover linux hard drive from windows friends who often need to use numbers. , Then how to solve it?In fact, there is a numeric keyboard in recover lost backup external hd mac the win8 computer we bought. Below, the editor will introduce how to make the win8 computer start the recover lost backups external hd mac numeric keyboard automatically.!

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  1.Under normal circumstances, the way to open the built-in numeric keyboard of win8 computer recover lost data from hard drive is very simple, just press the Num Lock number key on the keyboard to open the small keyboard. If recover lost data from usb drive you want the numeric keyboard to start automatically when you turn on the computer, let's The following recover lost data from usb free operations need to be performed: First, we need to return to the traditional desktop location of recover lost data hard drive free the win8 computer.

  2.After that, we press the win+r shortcut on the win8 computer keyboard at the recover lost data hard drive sydney same time to open the computer's run window, and then enter regedit in the window and click Enter.

  recover lost data on usb drive  3.In the opened registry editor window, we click and expand the HKEY_USERS-DEFAULT-ControlPanel-Keyboard recover lost data usb stick mac in the left menu in turn, and then double-click to open the InitialKeyboardIndicators in the recover lost external hard drive files right window. In the open editing window, we will modify the value data to 2. Then click OK to save recover lost externnal hard drive files the settings