Huirong master control external hard drive mass production three partitions three startups all applicable tutorials[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-24 12:40

  I believe that everyone has a lot of contact with the chip controlled by Huirong, but if you can surface book recovery usb from another computer really use it flexibly, you need some skills. My current tutorial is based on the request of netizens. surface hard drive wiped how to recover A variety of different tools are cleverly combined; with Huirong (3257enaa) The main control chip surface pro 3 boot from recovery usb is an example, and the detailed graphic introduction: how to mass-produce the external hard drive of surface pro 3 recovery drive from usb Huirong into a three-zone three-key all-around maintenance disk (cdrom+hdd+zip three startup), and surface pro 3 recovery usb not working run the external hard drive without damage Mirror replacement; Quick restore and other operations of surface pro 3 recovery usb windows 10 the external hard drive, and detailed explanations; Netizens are welcome to comment, if there is surface pro 3 usb recovery drive download something wrong, or there is a better way, please criticize and correct!

  First, prepare a external surface pro 4 boot from recovery usb drive controlled by Huirong, the best new one. Below is a screenshot of the chipgenius external drive surface pro 4 boot from usb recovery controlled by my Huirong SM3257ENAA:

  Download Huirong sm3257enaa mass production tool V2.3.73 surface pro 4 windows 10 recovery usb Chinese version, after decompression, open the following picture:

  Insert the external drive, open the surface pro directions for creating usb recovery tool and click the refresh USB port on the main interface, so your external drive will be found by surface pro doesnt boot from recovery usb the mass production tool.

  The above figure mainly introduces the detailed information explanation surface pro image recovery usb won't work in the found external hard drive.

  Click settings, then click understand to enter the setting surface pro restore from usb recovery drive interface.

  The default option here is to open it directly.

  There are many buttons in the upper row of surface rt using the usb recovery drive the setting interface, each of which corresponds to the setting interface, a total of 6.

  As shown surface windows 8 1 rt usb recovery in the figure, the meaning of each choice is explained in detail.

  The above picture is very symantec encryption desktop recovery usb windows 10 important. The arrow points to the place you need to modify. You can modify it according to the picture. synology external drive not ejected properly recover Click on the picture to zoom in and see clearly. In order to make the boot disk image, you have to system image recovery from external hard drive choose the iso image you downloaded in your computer. Path (ISO can be downloaded from the winpe system image recovery windows 10 using usb directory of this site).

  The choice of this page is the key to three partitions, which means that one system image recovery windows 8 1 usb more encrypted partition is created. This partition is the third partition after cdrom and hdd. I am system recover image on new hard drive going to use it for B+ boot.

  Accurately compare settings according to this picture, here is the system recovery doctor software freeze hard drive most important.

  Click OK to save after setting.

  Save the configuration file, you can change the system recovery does not recognize hard drive name of the configuration file, you can use it directly in the future, you do not need to set it every system recovery windows 10 single image usb time for mass production.

  After the configuration file is saved, click the start button to start system recovery windows 10 usb format usb mass production.

  Mass production in progress.

  After mass production is successful, a green pass system recovery windows 7 usb flash drive OK will be displayed to indicate successful mass production.

  After mass production, the chip test system wiped hard drive can i recover results are shown in the figure, you can see that mass production can change the name of your model systools hard drive data recovery 3 2 external hard drive.

  After mass production, I saw only two external hard drive partitions in my systools hard drive data recovery 3 3 computer, one cdrom and one hdd partition, and the other partition is temporarily hidden.

  As shown systools hard drive data recovery 9.0 0.0 in the figure, you can see that the external hard drive has been divided into 3 partitions in the systools hard drive data recovery activation key right-click disk management of my computer.

  Note that use DiskGenius partition tool to delete the systools hard drive data recovery full version visible partitions in the HDD, as shown in the figure above, otherwise a small part of the partitions systools hard drive data recovery serial key will not be used.

  This step is very important, you need to download fbinsttool to initialize the systools hard drive data recovery software free hdd partition and encrypted partition.

  Initialize and format the first partition as shown in the systools hard drive data recovery v9 0 figure.

  Format the second partition in the same way.

  Open DiskGenius to see the status of the 2 systools hard drive recovery not finding file partitions after initialization.

  In the disk management of the system, you can see the preliminary take apart hard drive to recover dat a status of the three partitions. The above picture can be very obvious, so the master-level partition tanix tx3 usb firmware recovery tx3 fix is the most effective.

  The following is to make hdd boot disk and ZIP boot disk.

  HDD boot is not the best external hard drive recovery software introduced. Many external hard drive boot disk creation tools on this site are for making hdd and the best external hard drive recovery tips ZIP boot disks.