How to set up ASUS motherboard for usb drive boot 2022

49 2021-07-31 22:11

The motherboard, also called the motherboard and system board, is one of the most basic and important components of a computer. The computer system is installed through the settings of the motherboard. There are many motherboard brands, such as Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, Seven Rainbow, ImageTech, Onda, Megabyte, ASRock, MaxSun, Panzheng, Sapphire, Yingtong, ASL Ascend. Today we will talk about the ASUS motherboard setup and detail the ASUS motherboard usb drive boot setup.

  A, asus p8h61 motherboard usb drive boot settings

  Asus computer motherboards generally press Del or ESC key F2 key to enter the BIOS, here the Del key as an example.

  After entering the BIOS interface, the first interface is Main this item.

  Since it is a BIOS, you cannot use the mouse, so use the left and right arrow keys to move the cursor to the Advanced item, which is an advanced BIOS setting item, and the following are some of the main settings.

  ① start easy flash: This is a very important and dangerous item, brush the bios, the average person should not touch, unless you are a master;

  ② play post sound: whether to allow music items to appear when booting;

  ③ fancy start: customize the boot background and music, which is set using the software that comes with Asus;

  ④Post logo type: set the style of the boot logo;

  ⑤Internal pointing device: the option to control the support for usb devices;

  ⑥sata configuration: this is to control the use mode of the hard disk. Whether it is achi mode or ide, press Enter to enter this option.

  After entering the interface, in SATA Mode Selection this item, press Enter to enter, to choose between AHCI and IDE, if you install the system with PE and no hard disk is found, you should choose IDE this item.

  In the main interface to move the cursor Boot item, this item is to set the boot item, but also most people set the usb drive or CD-ROM and hard disk boot item. After entering the Hard Drive BBS Priorities item set to return, and then on the Boot Option # item in this interface, select the disk to boot.

  After entering, it will show the hard disk boot items, my computer has two options, one for: PO:ST9S ..... This one is my hard disk, and the other one is Netac, which is my LANCO USB flash drive. Note that you must first plug in the USB drive before it will show up. If you want to set the usb drive to boot, press Enter in Boot Option #1 this item, select Netac this first boot, and then press Enter, of course, the last must press F10 to save, so that it will take effect, automatically exit the BIOS, it will boot from the usb drive.

  The main interface of the Secunity this item, its meaning is the security options, mainly set the BIOS password, if it is a personal computer, there is no need to set the password.

  ①Setup Administrator Password is the administrator password.

  ②User Password is for user password setting.


  First insert the usb drive into the computer, and then we press the DEL key on the keyboard when the first screen of the boot information interface appears, and enter the BIOS directly.

  After entering, press the right arrow key on the keyboard to find the "Advanced" option, the bottom item is "USB Configuration", use the up and down arrow keys to select it, enter.

  After entering "USB Configuration", change all items to "Enabled", press the up and down arrow keys to select it and press Enter to change from "Disabled" to "Enabled". Disabled" to "Enabled".

  After setting, press ESC on the keyboard to return to the previous level of settings. Press the left and right arrow keys again, select "BOOT" main menu, select the first item "Boot Devicepriority" and press enter to enter.

  In the "Boot Devicepriority" setting screen, select the first item "1st Boot Device" and press Enter. Then select the first item "Removable" in the pop-up "1st Boot Device" option.

  Press the ESC Cancel key to return to the previous settings screen, press the up and down arrow keys, select "Removable Drives" in the second line, and press Enter to enter.

  After entering the options screen, there will be at least two items, one of which is the USB flash drive just inserted, press the plus sign on the keyboard + to put it to the top.

  Directly press the F10 key on the keyboard to save the settings and exit, you can boot from the usb drive in a moment.

  Third, desktop ASUS motherboard set usb drive boot

  The shortcut hotkey for desktop computers assembled with Asus motherboards to start a USB drive is: F8

  u boot usb drive boot disk creation tool has been used to create a good usb drive into the computer host usb socket (it is recommended to insert the usb drive into the rear of the main chassis USB socket, because the performance of that transfer than the front to direct), and then boot!

  After turning on the computer when you see the boot screen, press the "F8" key on the keyboard continuously, as shown in the figure below: the computer boot screen for the ASUS motherboard assembly.

  When we continuously press the shortcut hotkey F8 will enter a boot sequence selection window, there will usually be three or four options: 1.

  The order of arrangement is not fixed!

  After entering the default option selected by the cursor is the first "optical drive boot", each person's optical drive may not be the same, so the display of the optical drive logo is not the same, but the same meaning anyway!

  Move the cursor to the place where the selection shows "USB: Gener ic Flash Disk", when we press the fast hotkey F8, the options shown will contain the usb drive that I made a good boot disk with u start.

  After you select it, you just need to press Enter to enter the main u-boot interface!

  Four, ASUS B85-PRO motherboard a key usb drive boot settings

  Prepare a good u depth usb drive boot disk, connect it to the computer USB interface, and then restart the computer, the screen appears when the boot screen press the boot shortcut key F8

  The system then enters the boot item selection interface, move the arrow keys to operate, select the option where the usb drive is located, here it should be noted that there will be two usb drive options, if you use the U depth installed version of the usb drive please select the option without the word UEFI, if you use the U depth UEFI version of the usb drive can be made directly choose the option at the beginning of UEFI

  Select the installed version of the system into the u depth of the main menu, if you choose UEFI boot directly into the u depth of win8PE system

  Five, asus A55 motherboard set usb drive boot

  Make the usb drive into a boot disk, and then insert the Asus A55 motherboard desktop or laptop USB interface, turn on the computer's power, press the DEL key to enter the BIOS settings.

  After entering the BIOS, directly press the F8 button on the keyboard, the option interface of the boot menu appears

  Select your usb drive brand and press Enter to enter the PE system interface for booting the usb drive.


  Make a good usb drive boot disk, and then copy the downloaded ASUS system iso file directly to the GHO directory of the usb drive

  Insert the usb drive in the ASUS motherboard computer, reboot and keep pressing F8 (desktop) or Esc (notebook) shortcut keys to open the boot menu, select the usb drive item Enter, if it is pre-installed win8/win10 models, you need to change the bios to usb drive boot

  boot from the usb drive boot into this main menu, press the number 2 or press the up and down arrow keys to select [02] enter, boot pe system.

  This sets up the boot from the usb drive is set up.

  Seven, asus h61 motherboard usb drive boot

  Insert the created usb drive boot disk into the USB port of your computer. Press the computer boot button, before the computer enters the system, press the DEL key to enter the BIOS setup interface, that is, the EFI graphic configuration menu (Note: the process is very short, try to press the boot button on the DEL key quickly)

  Click the "Boot Menu (F8)" in the bottom right corner of the interface

  In the "boot menu" that appears, find and mouse over the item that represents your USB flash drive brand, click on it

  Then the computer automatically restarted and entered the PE function selection interface

  Eight, ASUS motherboard GL552JX usb drive boot settings

  Make a good usb drive boot disk, restart the laptop, press the F2 button to enter the BIOS interface, press the arrow keys to move to Security, select Secure Boot menu to enter.