How to use Nero11 to burn and install system discs[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-24 11:50

  I have been using other burning software before, but recently I discovered that some burning software hard drive file recovery software free mac does not have a boot when burning the system disk, so when such a disk is used for the system, a hard drive format recovery software free download boot disk is needed, which is very troublesome. Later, a friend recommended it to me. Nero11, he hard drive grayed out in acronis recovery used Nero9, in fact they are almost the same, because Nero11 is the latest version, I personally like hard drive in freezer to recover dat a the latest things, because there are more functions, I also tried it myself, the burning is successful, hard drive is corrupted how to recover and it comes with a boot file. Do this experience I just hope to help people who are in the same hard drive is damaged how to recover situation as me.

  Installed the free version of the Nero11 client on this site.

  The iso image hard drive is unreadable how to recover file of the system to be burned.

  First, after installing Nero11, click on the Nero11 run icon on the hard drive lost partition recovery command pc desktop.

  After a section of the welcome interface, enter the main interface. First, let's take a hard drive lost partition recovery command terminal look at the main interface. Compared with the previous Nero version, the functions are indeed added hard drive making clicking noise data recovery a lot. It may also be a problem of layout changes. It is very professional.!

  First select the type hard drive not listed in system recovery of disk you want, you can choose CD/DVD/Blu-ray, the default is CD.

  Next enter the topic, select hard drive not recognized data recovery usb the type of burning, because it is the burning of the system disk, ISO image file, so we choose CD-ROM hard drive not showing up in recovery (ISO).

  In the multi-session Tab, the main choice is the multi-session option. "Starting a hard drive not showing up mac recovery multi-session disc" means that your disc may be larger, a few G, and the system ISO file is a few hundred hard drive or external disk recovery software M, so it will cause Waste, this function means that this disc can be burned repeatedly, but each hard drive partition recovery software free download burn only retains the last burned information."Continue to Multisession Disc" This function is similar hard drive partitioning recovery windows 10 freeware to the first one, that is, the disc with multiple sessions was previously specified, and select hard drive physical damage data recovery prices "Continue to Multisession Disc" when burning for the second time."No multi-segment", as the name implies, hard drive port bent can you recover means that the multi-segment is not activated and can only be used once.If you are burning a system hard drive portable recovery software free download disk, it is recommended to select "No Multisession".

  Next jump to the ISO Tab, here select "Mode hard drive raw recovery no partition found 1", the others are all the defaults, open the default is also "Mode 1".

  Select "Auto" in the hard drive recovery 2821 south parker road "Label" Tab to set the disc name.