Kingston external hard drive repair tutorial and tools the latest Anguo AU6983 expansion disk recovery[Win11 Solutions]

25 2021-08-24 11:10

  In the past two years, a large number of netizens have bought large-capacity Kingston external hard recover hard drive after deleting partition drives on Taobao, but most of them are black disks with expanded capacity. They often indicate that recover hard drive after logical failure the 32G capacity is actually only 2G or 1G. The most hateful thing is that the 2G can't be used recover hard drive after power outage normally, so in order to For normal use, the following will teach you how to repair Kingston's expansion recover hard drive after power surge disk and restore the actual capacity of Kingston's repair tutorials and tools:

  The copycat disk recover hard drive after quick format has no steel grade on the market mouth, and it has a black and white plastic case. One side of the recover hard drive afyer bios rewrote case is marked DTI/8GB, CN 5V, 001AOOLF CHINA. The most common copycat Kingston external hard drive recover hard drive c xp dat a on the market, the fault phenomenon is that the computer changes after plugging in. Slow, crash.Sometimes recover hard drive click of death you can see the internal file list, but soon the computer crashes.

  Open the chamber directly, recover hard drive data failed os the main control is Anguo AU6983, the FLASH is StarRam (black film) FDL63AP-16A, the tubular 12M recover hard drive data free download small crystal oscillator.Find and download the latest production tool AlcorMP V09 of Anguo AU6983.12. recover hard drive data free mac 29 tools

  The version number is . After plugging in the external hard drive, as shown below, the recover hard drive data free software external hard drive is recognized, but the FALSH chip type is unknown.

  Picture: 1 plug in external recover hard drive data from imac hard drive to detect.jpg

  First use the speed first method, try a high grid, the result fails, all recover hard drive data from laptop are bad blocks.Error reading bad block information

  Picture: 2 Speed priority is not good.JPG

  Also recover hard drive data recovery software use the speed priority method, try a low format.The figure below is a screenshot of the setting recover hard drive data recovery tools parameters. I recognized the model of the FLASH chip. After checking it, it is 4G. It seems that the recover hard drive data windows 10 original judgment is correct. If the capacity is not expanded, how can the external hard drive be so recover hard drive data without formatting easily broken.The ECC in mass production is used for capacity expansion, which can be expanded up to recover hard drive device not ready 32 times. Think about it, this external hard drive can be expanded to 128GB.!

  Picture: 3 speed recover hard drive fail format tool priority low format try.jpg

  Start scanning for bad blocks, very slow, about 20 minutes to complete, recover hard drive failed hard drive boringly waiting.

  Picture: 4 Speed Priority Low Format Scanning for Bad Blocks.jpg

  The scan is recover hard drive files and folders finally completed and the formatting is started, this is much faster!