How to bind the external hard drive to the computer and prohibit the identification of other external hard drives[Win11 Solutions]

21 2021-08-24 10:40

  The whole operation is divided into two stages. The first is to let WinXP recognize your external windows 10 rescue disc and recovery usb flash drive drive, and the second is to set rules so that the system automatically rejects other external windows 10 system image recovery from external hard drive drives.

  first step. Insert your own external hard drive into the computer, then open [Device Manager], windows 10 system recovery disk usb some files missing expand [Computer] → [Disk Drive], and then find your own external hard drive item.

  Find your own windows 10 system recovery usb does it contain key external drive

  Second step. Double-click the external hard drive item to enter the property page, windows 10 will not recognize usb for recovery create then open the [Detailed Information] panel, change the [Properties] in it to [Hardware ID], and then windows 10 with win 7 recovery usb from windows copy the first value in the hardware ID.

  Record the "hardware ID" of the external drive

  third step. windows 7 creat recovery usb from a recovery disk The same operation, copy the hardware ID in [Universal Serial Bus Controller]→[USB Mass Storage windows 7 password recovery tool usb mydigital site Device], the specific steps are the same as above.

  Record the "hardware ID" of the USB mass storage windows 7 recover files from failing hard drive program device

  the fourth step. Click on the start menu and enter "gpedit.msc", start the group policy windows 7 recovery disk and repair disc download usb editor.

  Start【Group Policy Editor】

  the fifth step. Find and expand [Computer Configuration]→[Administrative windows 7 recovery disk download 64 bit usb free Templates]→[System]→[Device Installation]→[Device Installation Restrictions].

  Find [Device windows 7 recovery usb download free no product key Installation Restrictions]

  Sixth step. Turn on [Prohibit installation of devices not described windows 7 system image recovery from external hard drive by other policy settings] and [Allow installation of devices matching the following device IDs] windows 7 system recovery boot from usb flash drive respectively, and fill in the hardware IDs of the external hard drive and USB mass storage device just windows 7 system recovery disc onto usb flash drive copied to [Installation allowed In the [Display] panel of the device matching the following device windows 7 system recovery usb flash drive not recognized ID].

  Fill in the external hard drive hardware ID just recorded

  Okay, the configuration will take windows 8 1 recovery disk download 64 bit usb effect after clicking OK, just plug in a external hard drive and try it.How about, is the power of windows 8 1 recovery drive does not recognize usb Group Policy very powerful?!

  Other external hard drives are blocked by Group Policy after being windows 8 1 recovery usb not showing as bootable inserted