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29 2021-08-24 09:30

  After upgrading the win10 system, I found a more annoying problem, that is, network sharing can not create a windows recovery usb for an older edition see other computers, so files can't be shared. What is the reason.In fact, this is due to the recent create an asus eee pc system recovery usb disk serious ransomware problem, so win10 directly closed the traditional sharing service, so we only create bootable system recovery usb drive in windows 10 need to follow the following operations to enable sharing. Of course, external hard drive Network create oem recovery partition windows 10 new hard drive recommends that you turn it off when you don't need to share. Safety.

  1.Enter: Control Panel-Network create password recovery disk for vista on usb drive and Internet-Network and Sharing Center-Advanced Sharing Settings, make sure that "Network Discovery" create recovery disc in hard drive partition windows 7 and "File and Printer Sharing" under the current configuration file are both turned on.

  2.Right-click create recovery drive windows 10 on external hard drive "This computer", select "Properties", and then enter: Advanced computer settings-computer name, create recovery partition on hard drive windows 8 1 ensure that the workgroup name of all computers in the LAN is the same.If it is different, you create surface pro 3 recovery usb from another pc need to click "Network ID" to modify.

  3.Right-click on "This Computer", select "Manage", and then create surface pro 4 recovery usb from another pc enter: Services and Applications-Services to ensure that TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper and Computer Browser create system recovery media on a usb flash drive services are running.If it shows as stopped, just click start.At this time, reizhi found that there is create windows 10 bootable usb with chromebook recovery utility no Computer Browser in the service, and it is necessary to add the SMB function to the system.

  4. create windows 10 recovery usb for another computer reddit Enter: Control Panel-Programs-Enable or disable system functions, select SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing create windows 10 recovery usb from another computer lenovo support, and click OK.If nothing happens, you will be prompted to restart to take effect, and the LAN create windows 10 recovery usb on mac without bootcamp sharing can return to normal after the restart.

  Summary: SMB1.0 is the key to ransomware destruction, create windows 7 boot usb from two recovery dvds so although the sharing function can be used after opening the above, if you are in the office, create windows 7 recovery usb without dvd site superuser.com you should turn off this service after use, so that you will not be violated by ransomware.