Cant enter WinPE solution[Win11 Solutions]

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  A computer in the unit keeps experiencing blue screen failures. Trying the GhostXP installation windows 10 how to create a recovery usb disk, the system can't be installed.Change your mind, DiskGenius partition tool, finally solved the windows 10 make a recovery disk on usb problem.

  The computer of the school's academic affairs office uses an ASUS motherboard and the operating windows 10 make install usb or recovery usb system is Windows XP.Although it is connected to the Internet, it is mainly used to print windows 10 make recovery usb for another machine documents.Some time ago, the computer always had a blue screen phenomenon.After restarting, I can enter windows 10 move recovery partition to flash usb the system and I can barely use it, but I can't work at all recently, so I hurried over to repair it. windows 10 no option to recover from usb

  Routine inspection first.After turning on the power of the computer, the system can normally windows 10 not booting recovery usb not working self-check. After the Windows XP startup window appears, the progress bar keeps rotating. After entering windows 10 password recovery boot usb for free the next interface, a blue screen appears.The English prompt is still the old one, "Check the files windows 10 password recovery tool usb free download in the Windows directory, or enter the installation mode". There is no response when pressing Ctrl+ windows 10 pro os recovery 64 bit usb Alt+Del hot start key, you can only force shutdown by pressing the power key for a long time.

  Restart windows 10 pro wksta os recovery 64bit usb the computer, press and hold the F8 key without letting go, the computer can enter the safe mode, windows 10 recover deleted files from usb drive it seems that there is not much problem with the system.In the "safe mode", perform a full antivirus, windows 10 recovering deleted files on a usb no virus was found.Right-click on "My Computer" on the desktop, select "Device Manager" to view windows 10 recovery disk download 64 bit usb the hardware system, no abnormalities are found.

  Open the control panel → add/remove programs.Had windows 10 recovery disk on external hard drive to use a dumb way to reinstall the Windows system.Use the GhostXP system disk as the system, usually windows 10 recovery does not see usb drive it will be installed in the C drive.So there is no backup of other disk partitions.Because of this windows 10 recovery drive usb 2 or 3 negligence, the subsequent work is in a passive state, and the disk can't be partitioned.

  Try the windows 10 recovery dual boot multiple hard drives GhostXP installation disk

  After starting the computer, press and hold the Esc key, in the menu that windows 10 recovery files from second hard drive appears, select the third item "CD-ROM", enter the CD boot option, put the GhostXP CD into the CD- windows 10 recovery hard drive recovery command prompt ROM drive to start running, and select GhostXP in the boot menu that appears Install to the C drive, windows 10 recovery iso usb for another pc and start the installation in a short time. After the installation is 100%, after restarting the windows 10 recovery on usb copy to disk computer, it prompts that the "NTDETECT" file is missing, press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to restart the system.

windows 10 recovery other computer iso download usb   Why is there a loss of files when it is 100% completed.Could it be a problem with the computer's windows 10 recovery tools bootable rescue disk usb CMOS settings.After booting up, press and hold the "Del" key to enter the CMOS settings, select the windows 10 recovery usb blue screen with cursor safest option, and then save, or it prompts that the file is lost.So I changed to a Ghost disk, booted windows 10 recovery usb boots to black screen from the CD, entered the menu window of the CD, selected the first item, installed the system to windows 10 recovery usb download for another pc the C drive, and started the installation after a while.However, it prompts an error just after running. windows 10 recovery usb drive kills usb driver After restarting the computer, the screen displays "Verifing PMI Pool Data." and it stops here windows 10 recovery usb drive upgrade license key for a while.

  After booting from the CD again, select the second item to enter the WINPE system. After windows 10 recovery usb error 0x80042405 running to Load Ramdisk, the expected WINPE interface does not appear, but a line of English windows 10 recovery usb error during system restor "Windows Fail to Open the Ramdisk Image.".Is it because the version of WINPE is too low and incompatible?Then windows 10 recovery usb for another pc microsoft I changed a system disk with a higher version and ran the WINPE option again, but the problem windows 10 recovery usb from a different computer remained.

  DiskGenius tools show their talents

  Change your mind the next day, thinking of the tools windows 10 recovery usb not including system files and software you have used before, there may be miracles.So start the computer again with the V18 windows 10 recovery usb not loading site system and try it with the tool software.Select DiskGenius partition tool, then enter DiskGenius windows 10 recovery usb not seeing usb drive (Disk Genius) program, after the "HD128" disk icon in the partition list box on the left side of the windows 10 recovery usb restore to previous date window, expand into "primary partition" and "extended partition", click "primary partition" "Icon, the windows 10 recovery usb safe mode form repair "Partition Table Problem Report" window pops up, prompting an error in the "Primary Partition": the windows 10 recovery usb sys disk too small total number of partition sectors recorded by DBR has overflowed.Then, click "correct" to exit the windows 10 recovery usb system drive too small pop-up window.Finally, click the "File" main menu of the DiskGenius partition tool, and select windows 10 recovery usb thre was a p "Exit".Restart the computer, enter the CD-ROM system and start running WINPE, but it still prompts that windows 10 recovery usb to another hard drive there is a file error and the WINPE system can't be run.

  The correction method is given in the windows 10 recovery usb without media creation tool "Partition Table Problem Report" just now to format the "primary partition".Might as well try.Restart windows 10 recovery use a usb or dvd the computer again, boot with CD, select DiskGenius partition tool, enter DiskGenius program.In the windows 10 recovery wiped my external hard drive list box, select "Primary Partition".Then click the "Partition" main menu of DiskGenius, select "Format windows 10 remove recovery partition from hard drive Current Partition", in the pop-up "Format Partition Primary Partition" window, single-select the windows 10 repair blue boot usb recovery drive "File System" button, and change the "NTFS" format to "FAT32" Format, click the "Format" button, windows 10 system image recovery new hard drive another dialog box will pop up, click "Yes" to format the disk.Then, click the "Tools" main menu of windows 10 system recovery usb using command prompt DiskGenius, select "Check Partition Table Error", and the error "No Partition Table Error" pops up.Finally, windows 10 update corrupted hard drive no recovery click DiskGenius "File" main menu, select "Exit", because the disk data has been changed, so on windows 10 usb hard drive recovery disk 1 the pop-up window, click "Restart now" to complete the save operation.Enter the CD system again to windows 10 usb recovery and fully clean drive run WINPE, and finally you can use the WINPE system.Then successfully completed the installation of windows 10 usb recovery drive for hp pavilion GhostXP.

  Summary of experience

  In order to install the system, I took a lot of detours. It can windows 10 usb recovery tool site microsoft com be said that I exhausted all kinds of methods and used the tools and software to get it.In the future, windows 10 use recovery usb and system image when the system can't run the WINPE system, you can directly use DiskGenius to get it.