Windows 11 system BIOS settings boot from external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-24 08:50

  Win7 system BIOS settings boot from external hard drive

  There is a step to install a system with recover windows key from crashed hard drive a external drive, that is, to set the BIOS to let the computer boot from the external drive.The recover windows key from dead hard drive installation of Win7 is no exception, the installation of Win7 requires advanced BIOS settings and the recover windows key from external hard drive first boot item of the external hard drive position.This setting is certainly not a problem for recover windows key from formatted hard drive computer experts, but novice users still don't know anything about it.Now the editor will teach two simple recover windows key from old hard drive methods to help everyone.

  1. Insert the external hard drive first, press the "DEL" key when recover windows license key from hard drive booting to enter the BIOS startup item setting interface;  

  2. Then select "Advanced BIOS Features" recover windows password windows 10 live usb in the interface, and click the "Hard Disk Boot P RIORITY" option;

  3. Then use the arrow keys on recover windows product key from hard drive the keyboard to select "USB-HDD" up and down (select USB device as the first startup item), and then recover windows product keys from external drive press Enter to confirm; home of external hard drive

  4. Finally, press F10 on the keyboard to save, recover without changing the hard drive partitions and click "yes". When you restart the computer, it will start with the external hard drive. external recover word document saved over external drive hard drive Home

  Insert the external drive, and then press and hold the startup hot key when recover word documents from external hard drive booting, and then adjust the hardware startup sequence. You must choose your external drive, but the recover word files from formatted hard drive startup hot key will be a bit different because of different computers, usually F11 or F12, HP notebooks recover your data from dead hard drive It is F9, you can check it according to your computer brand and then operate it. USB home

  These recover your usb flash drive hidden files two methods are not difficult and can be mastered with a few more operations.After completing this recovering a hard drive from dead computer setting, we can proceed to the Win7 system installation.Moreover, the operation of setting the BIOS recovering a hard drive that is undetectable to boot from the external hard drive will become easier in the future, because more and more motherboards recovering a hard drive that's been reimaged begin to support the Chinese BIOS setting interface, you can pay attention when you buy a recovering a powerpoint file from a usb computer.

  Win7 system BIOS settings boot from external hard drive: