I want icreate i5127/i5128 master control external hard drive mass production CDROM successful tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-24 07:40

  The very old Kingston 2G external hard drive can only be formatted into FAT format at first, and bad hard disc drive recover tools NTFS and FAT32 can't be formatted. After formatting, no data will be saved, and an error will be bad hard disc drive recovery tools prompted as soon as the file is saved.

  Later, I used a "I want icreate5122/5128 master control external bad hard drive data recovery freeware hard drive mass production tool PDx16 V1.14B3 "An error occurred in mass production again,

  Then bad hard drive data recovery software I found another version of PD V1.The 08B4 version allows the external hard drive to be used normally bad hard drive head data recovery (repaired), but my goal is to mass-produce CDROM, PD V1.The 08B4 version is relatively simple in bad hard drive recovery software free function,

  Later, I did not give up, and tried several versions of the tool PDx16_V1.34, PDx16_V1.54, bad sector hard drive data recovery PDx16_V1.17, PDx16_V1.I didn't have the ability to produce CDROM successfully. Later I wanted to basics of hard drive data recovery lower the version to try.

  Finally use this PD_V1.The 3B1 version can be successfully mass-produced, best app for hard drive recovery click the name to download, and here are a few simple settings for everyone to learn about the best app to recover usb dat a production test

  The figure below is the result of the worry-free detection of the chip:

  Device ID: best buy external hard drive recovery VID=1043 PID=8012

  Device serial number:

  Device version: 1.00

  Equipment Manufacturer: Generic

   best buy hard drive data recovery Device model: external drive

  Current protocol: USB2.0

  Input current: 100mA

  Partition system: best buy hard drive recovery cost Is CDFS activated: Yes

  Whether to align: not aligned, it is recommended that you align sectors to best buy hard drive recovery price improve performance

  Chip manufacturer: I want (iCreate)

  Chip model: i5128/i5188

  Flash memory best buy hard drive recovery review particles: Hynix (Hynix) Flash memory type: MLC Format: 60nm Page: 2K

  Flash identification code: best buy windows 10 recovery usb ADD314A5 Flash model: HY27UV08BGFM (this value is for reference only)

  external hard drive score: 5 best buy windows 10 usb recovery points (reference score>=30, the larger the score, the better the performance!)

  System version: best cd drive recover data usb Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

  The following is a picture reference tutorial for mass best crashed hard drive recovery software production usb-cdrom:

  According to the above figure, the cdrom boot disk can be mass-produced. best damaged hard drive recovery software If you just repair the external drive, you don't need to check the copy iso file and directly mass-produce best data recovery damaged hard drive it.