Simple way to make virus immunity to external hard drive practical[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-24 05:50

  Immunization steps:

  ,,Format the external hard drive first

  ,,Put the batch file on the root macbook pro internet recovery new hard drive directory of the external drive

  The contents of the batch file are as follows:

  md autorunSave the macbook pro new hard drive internet recovery above command as a *,

  md external hard drive Immunization.",

  Run the bat file to delete autorun. macos crashed hard drive data recovery software inf folder.Alternative methods for judging whether the external hard drive virus has been hit:

  If made usb recovery now need it signed you do not want to use the above immunization program, you can also try the following simple method make a bootable windows 7 recovery usb to determine whether the external drive you are using is infected with a virus

  Write an autorun by make a mac os x recovery usb yourself.The format of inf is as follows:Then save a MyDisk in the root directory

  ico icon file.In make a mac recovery usb on windows this way, the icon of the external drive becomes the icon file you set.If at any time that icon make a recovery boot usb windows 7 file disappeared or changed.It means that the external drive may have been poisoned.A simple way to make a recovery usb for dell 7350 immunize the external drive (practical):