Teach you two simple ways to prevent external hard drives external hard drives from being poisoned[Win11 Solutions]

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  method one.A simple way to prevent external hard drive poisoning

  This is a small way to sum up dell system recovery won't boot usb in daily life.

  external hard drive spreads the virus with autorun.inf file help.The virus first dell usb bios recovery not working copies itself to the external drive, and then creates an autorun.inf, when you double-click the external dell usb recovery keep getting errors hard drive, it will be based on autorun.The settings in inf to run the virus in the external hard dell usb recovery media windows 10 drive.As long as we can stop autorun.The inf file is created, so even if there is a virus on the dell usb recovery media write protected external hard drive, you can only lie down and sleep. USB home

  You may also think of this, but regardless dell usb recovery tool debugger memory of autorun.What attribute is set by inf, the virus will change it.The method I mentioned is to dell usb recovery tool not installing delete autorun in the root directory.inf file.Then, create a folder under the root directory, named dell usb recovery tool not working autorun.inf.In this way, because of the principle that files and folders with the same name can't dell usb recovery tool windows 10 coexist in the same directory, the virus is powerless and can't create autorun.inf file.Will there be dell usb recovery tool windows 7 a new virus in the future, automatically delete the folder, and then create the file is not known, dell usb recovery tool windows xp but at least at this stage, this method is very effective.

  Method 2: Turn off the automatic playback dell usb recovery tool write protected function of the disk as soon as possible: external hard drive Home

  Every time the mobile hard dell venue 8 pro recovery usb disk is checked into the USB port, it will play automatically, especially when the mobile hard disk is dell windows 10 create usb recovery divided into N zones, it is very troublesome to manually turn off one by one.!It doesn't matter if dell windows 10 pro recovery usb you are in trouble, the most terrible thing is that the virus on the external drive has already entered dell windows 10 recovery media usb your computer.!How can I solve this problem.Here are several ways to turn off the automatic dell windows 10 recovery usb disk playback of the mobile hard disk or external hard drive for your reference:

  1. SHIFT button method

  This dell windows 10 recovery usb download method has been used in Windows 98, right.It seems to be oh, anyway, I used this method when I dell windows 10 recovery usb format turned off the auto-playing CD at the earliest.Hold down the SHIFT key when inserting the mobile hard dell windows 10 usb recovery sticks disk, the mobile hard disk will not play automatically.

  2. Strategy group closing method

  When dell windows 7 recovery usb download the panda burning incense was popular some time ago, there was a way to use the strategy group to turn dell windows 8 1 recovery usb off the mobile hard disk or external hard drive automatic shutdown function on the Internet.Specifically: dell windows 8 recovery usb download click "Start-Run", in the "Open" box, type "gpedit.msc", click the "OK" button to open the " dell windows 8 usb recovery stick Group Policy" window.In the left pane, under "Local Computer Policy", expand "Computer dell windows 8.1 recovery media usb Configuration-Administrative Templates-System", and then in the right pane under the "Settings" heading, double-click dell windows recovery usb driver error "Turn off AutoPlay".Click the "Settings" tab, select the "Enabled" check button, and then click dell windows xp recovery tool usb "All Drives" in the "Turn off AutoPlay" box, click the "OK" button, and finally close the Group dell xps 8900 bios recovery usb Policy window.

  3. Close the service law

  Right-click on "My Computer", select "Manage", find "Services des moines hard drive data recovery and Applications-Services" in the opened "Computer Management", and then find the "Shell Hardware descargar apple recovery dfu usb driver Detection" service in the right pane, the function of this service It is to provide notifications descargar apple recovery iboot usb driver for automatic playback of hardware events, double-click it, click the "Stop" button in the "Status", desktop computer data recovery hard drive and then change the "Startup Type" to "Disabled" or "Manual".

  4. Disk operation method

  This method dfl ure usb device recovery equipment is effective for Windows XP, and it is also easy to use.Open "My Computer", you will see your drive disassemble hard drive to recover dat a letter in "Hard Disk" or under "Removable Storage Device". Generally, the drive letter of mobile disk doctor hard drive recovery cost hard disk will be in "Hard Disk", external hard drive or digital camera. In "Removable storage disk drill basic hard drive recovery devices".Right-click the drive letter that needs to turn off the auto-play function, select "Properties", disk drill basic usb data recovery and select the "Auto-play" tab in the pop-up window, where the user can target "music files", disk drill recovery external hard drive "pictures", "video files", "Mixed content" and "Music CD" five types of content set different operation disk recovery external hard drive mac methods, select "no operation" to disable the automatic operation function, and the setting will take disk recovery for usb mac os effect immediately after "OK".This method is also used for DVD/CD drives. external hard drive Home

disk recovery mac external hard drive   5. Registration Form Law

  The registry is a troublesome thing, generally icech does not recommend disk recovery software windows 10 usb using the registry to modify.But in order to make up the entry, write it down, ha ha.

  Open the diy clean room hard drive recovery registry editor, expand to [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExploer] diy data recovery clicking hard drive main key, find "NoDriveTypeAutoRun" in the right pane, it is this key that determines whether to execute diy data recovery external hard drive the AutoRun function of CDROM or hard disk.

  The NoDriveTypeAutoRun key determines whether to diy external hard drive data recovery execute the Autorun function.Each of them represents a device, and different devices are represented do a system recovery external dvd by the following values:

  The numerical value of the device name is the following value to indicate does best buy recover hard drives the meaning of the device name

  DRIVE_UNKNOWN 0 1 01H Unrecognized type device

  DRIVE_NO_ROOT_DIR does eausus recover fies on usb 1 0 02H Drive without a root directory

  DRIVE_REMOVABLE 2 1 04H Removable drive

  DRIVE_FIXED 3 0 0 does geek squad recover hard drives 8H Fixed drive

  DRIVE_REMOTE 4 1 10H Network Drive external hard drive Home

  DRIVE_CDROM 5 0 20H does internet recovery wipe hard drive Optical drive

  DRIVE_RAMDISK 6 0 40H RAM disk

  The above value "0" means the device is running, "1" does microcenter do hard drive recovery means the device is not running.

  Tweak UI is a software produced by Microsoft that can target any does recovery drive make usb work operating system.Using Tweak UI software, you can control whether any drive letter can be played does system recovery wipe hard drive automatically.

  Teach you two simple methods to prevent external drives (external drives) from being dowload windows 10 bootable recovery usb poisoned: