[Fixed] external hard drive is broken [Win11 Solutions]

22 2021-08-24 05:20

  I unfortunately dropped the hard drive a few days ago. As a result, when I plugged it in, I found how to boot from recovery usb that the computer could not recognize the hard drive at all. Even under PE, the hard drive could not how to boot recovery drive usb be found. I thought it was completely hopeless. I changed my hard drive to my laptop, and the data how to creat usb recovery drive didn't lose too much.) Yesterday, the Great God of the Association gave me a way to remove the hard how to create a recovery usb drive and plug it in several times, but I recognized it, but the partition table is wrong and I still how to create acer recovery usb have to repartition.

  Repartitioning is not difficult. I used the diskgenius software to do it a how to create apple recovery usb few times, and then installed ubuntu. What was shocking was that the speed of entering the system was how to create chrome recover usb very fast, the loading was also very slow, and the corresponding application program was almost how to create chromebook recovery usb stuck (this It is the most obvious symptom after the hard disk has bad sectors).Needless to say, bad how to create dell recovery usb sectors appeared when the hard disk crashed.

  Enter the PE again and use diskgenius to scan for bad how to create hp recovery usb sectors. It is found that there are about 10 bad sectors, not too many, but the distribution is very how to create lenovo recovery usb worrying. There is one at around 60GB, two around 80GB, one at 95GB, one at 125GB, and one at 150GB. how to create mac recovery usb One place, two places at 220GB, one place at 230GB.In this way, if you want to shield the bad how to create mbr recovery usb sectors, you will lose most of the space, but the loss is the loss, which is better than the unusable, how to create recovery disc usb so we are ready to shield the bad sectors.

  Diskgen hard disk partition tool

  The following is a how to create usb recovery drive mathematical problem, how to maximize the use of hard disk space as safe as possible. Because bad sectors how to create w10 recovery usb are contagious, the interval of 1% of the hard disk capacity near the bad sectors is a dangerous how to create windows recovery usb area, so careful calculation is probably enough. Divided into 5 zones, but one of them is only 10GB how to delete recovery in hardrive more than a partition, is it a bit.

  As I plan to install ubuntu on this hard disk, it must not how to dell usb recovery usb require too much space, so I decisively divided it into 4 areas.A 50GB / partition, a 58GB /home how to dump recovered external files partition, a 10GB swap partition, and a 40GB EXT4 format partition that are not mounted (used for storing how to erase recovery hard drive rare files in the future).

  After the decision is made, operating the diskgenus partition is OK, how to external hard disk recovery then enter the ubuntu installation environment and start the installation. The installation speed is how to format acer recovery usb much faster than last time. After the installation, everything is normal when entering the system. how to format dell recovery usb This is the lightning boot of ubuntu. The reminder, otherwise it is estimated that the hard drive is how to format microsoft recovery usb now in the trash. Of course, the above method is suitable for hard drives that are not severely broken, how to format toshiba recovery usb but no matter what, the dead horse is a living horse doctor, always try it.