How to use HDDErase to restore ssd to factory speed[Win11 Solutions]

62 2021-08-24 05:00

  After using the SSD for a period of time due to the characteristics of flash memory, the performance download to usb recovery for vaio svf14ncxh will definitely decrease. Generally, it refers to the decrease of read and write speed. If it is download usb flash drive data recovery free not serious, you can ignore it, but if the speed drops too much, it will definitely affect our use. download windows 10 microsoft recovery usb drive , How do we restore the factory performance at this time.The following will teach you how to use the download windows 10 pro recovery for usb HDDErase tool to restore the ssd drop speed problem.

  Because I haven't done all the tests, this download windows 10 recovery usb free online method is not applicable to all SSDs, so please take care of yourself~~

  At present, it is known that download windows 10 usb recovery drive image the SSD of the SF series master and the intel series master can completely restore the original download windows 7 recovery disk to usb performance after use.

  Take Intel X25-M gen2 as an example:

  After long-term use or poor use of X25 download windows 7 system recovery disk usb -M, the performance is greatly reduced.I won't say much.

  Simply take a few pictures and take a look download windows 7 system recovery usb free at the actual performance improvement effect after erasing all data with HDDErase.

  The performance download windows 8 1 pro recovery usb of my X25-M gen2 80G when I start with it (main system disk):

  After being tossed about by me download windows 8 1 recovery disk usb (actually even worse, windows 7 score from 7.5 drops directly to 7.4:

  Performance after erasing all download windows 8 1 recovery to usb data using HDDErase (from disk):

  STATA1 X25-M G2 80G

  STATA3-4 RAID0 ST500G*2

  Next step into the download windows 8 1 recovery usb free main topic:

  One external hard drive, used to make a boot disk and start pure DOS.

  2.Start to download windows 8 1 usb recovery disk make a DOS boot disk (ignore if there is a DOS boot disk).

  3.Download and decompress HDDErase, you download windows 8 recovery usb or disk can see that it is an iso file, you only need to insert the external hard drive, and then use the dr ufd pqi usb 3.0 recovery tool floppy disk to make a boot disk to the external hard drive to use.

  4.Boot up and set bios to boot drivers directory on dell 8g usb recovery from external hard drive.

  Set stata mode to IDE mode.

  Note that LEGACY IDE mode is selected here.

duosat trend maxx hd recovery via usb   If the NATIVE IDE mode is selected, there will be a problem that the disk can't be recognized dv6700 vista phoenix bios crisis recovery usb later.

  If these options are not available, please refer to the instructions of hdderase and the coms dvr hard drive recovery software free download setting instructions of the motherboard.

  5.Enter pure DOS after restart.

  First enter "DIR" in C:/ easy recovery essential bootable usb with macos

  Then enter HDDERASE.exe launcher.

  After entering the program, there was a bunch of nonsense easy recovery essentials bootable usb free download before.

  Just go straight to Yes Yes.

  Until this step appears:

  Choose your SSD here, if it is on easy recovery essentials windows 10 bootable usb P0, enter P0, on S1, enter S1 and press Enter

  A function menu of HDDerase will appear

  1: secure easy recovery essentials windows 7 bootable usb erase (secure erase)

  2: enhanced secure erase (if supported by the drive).

  Generally choose the easy usb data recovery wizard serial key first item.

  Wait for 5-20 minutes, the hard drive is erased.

  Press exit to exit and restart~~

  Reinstall eee series 1000he recovery disc external drive the system or test the performance directly from the disk?~ Is the speed back.

  The feeling emergency boot pc from usb recovery drive of performance back, who knows who uses it~~happy~~

  The principle of HDDErase is to instantly emergency file and disk recovery usb bootable increase the voltage of the SSD to achieve the effect of clearing all data (that is, clearing), which emergency restart from usb backup recovery device has an impact on the life of the SSD.

  And after the performance is restored through HDDerase, there enable usb debugging via recovery broken screen is no way to retrieve the original data, please pay attention to backup before use.