Can testing MLC or TLC really be seen with the HD TUNE waveform [Win11 Solutions]

28 2021-08-24 04:50

  I often see that someone can use the waveform stability of the HD TUNE read and write speed to system image recovery windows 10 desde usb original determine whether the memory card is MLC or TLC flash memory. Is it accurate? Let's use the known flash system image recovery windows 7 new hard drive memory to test it.

  In order to determine the flash memory type of the memory card this time, three system image recovery windows 7 on external drive types of eMMC were used to make an SD memory card, and then usb2.0 The card reader is connected to system recovery does not recognize hard drive vmware the PC to test.

  1: eMCP chip eMMC v5 of samsung 8G.0 made memory card

  HD TUNE test results:

  Writing system recovery kit for consumer notebook 1 usb is close to the theoretical speed, reading is the upper limit of the card reader! The memory system recovery to new hard drive windows 10 is TLC

  2: 16G of samsung, eMMC v5.0 The made memory card

  The test chart is as follows:

  The system recovery windows 10 usb format usb fat writing speed falls into scum, and reading is the upper limit of the card reader! Memory is MLC

  3: systools hard drive data recovery 3.3 activation key eMMC 16G eMMC v4 of kingston.41 made memory card

  Test chart result:

  Because the writing speed is 4 systools hard drive data recovery 3.3 product key bit, it does not reach the theoretical speed, and reading is the upper limit of the card reader! The systools hard drive data recovery 3.3 serial key memory is MLC. From the test, the writing is all jagged. If according to the previous statement, team win recovery project usb mass storage optipon this waveform is a typical TLC, but in fact there are two MLCs, and the fluctuations in writing can be texas company recovers data from melted hard drive seen. It should be related to the main control.!

  4: samsung 16G eMMC v4.41 made memory card test. the best external hard recovery software for mac

  The test chart is as follows:

  Looking at the picture above, it feels very stable, but in fact the best free hard drive recovery software reddit this product is a TLC.

  A total of 4 memory cards made of eMMC have been tested, 2 TLC, 2 MLC, of the best hard drive recovery software for windows which v4.41 2 old chips, v5.0 2 new chips from the graphics, regardless of TLC or MLC v4.41 chips are the best recovery tool for external hard drive relatively flat, V5.0 Large fluctuations, possibly V4.41 It is more adaptable to the operation of the hard drive recovery process has been selected 4bit SD because of the lack of more samples, which is not conclusive, but for the memory card, judging the hard drive recovery proess has been selected whether it is TLC or MLC based on the fluctuation of the waveform is not rigorous enough, but the the operating system os recovery and restore usb more stable waveform can indeed indicate this card Quality is better.