Raspberry Pi 2B changed to super router OpenWrt tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-24 03:20

  Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi is used for programming education, but when we finish learning, it may ps3 xmb system hard drive data recovery download be idle. At this time, we can actually change it into a router to continue to glow and heat, and the ps4 external hard drive death how to recove implementation is very simple. Raspberry Pi 2B is here to teach you how to change it into a router ps4 recovery 80 done and usb loses connection and flash the more useful OpenWrt firmware. Such a router is better than ordinary routers. It can put files on usb stick in recovery mode realize wireless router functions, realize Nas, website server, and remote Monitor and even smart home, put hard drive in freezer to recover dat a while also allowing all devices to quickly wirelessly access the Internet.

  1. An empty SD memory quick format raw hard drive to recover dat a card with a capacity of 2G will do

  2. A wireless network card, such as USB, which is very cheap, rapid recovery manual versus automatic hard drive mapping such as EDUP

  3. Raspberry Pi 2B OpenWrt firmware

  4. Download the Win32DiskImager tool

  1. First raspberry pi data recovery for windows hard drives insert the SD card into the computer with a card reader, open Win32 DiskImager on the computer, and ready to use hp phoenix crisis recovery usb then burn the OpenWrt firmware to the SD card

  2. Insert the sd card into the Raspberry Pi and power readynas usb boot recovery image for sparc download it on, because the Raspberry Pi supports booting from USB, so the router firmware can be booted recover a hard drive that won t mount from the sd card.

  At this time, it has become a router and is running.

  3. If there is already a recover a hard drive with bad read write router at home, we can use a network cable to connect the lan port of the router at home to the network recover accidentally deleted files from external hard drive port of the Raspberry Pi, and then use the usb wireless network card we installed to transmit wifi recover act 2013 database from crashed hard drive signals to let mobile phones and other devices go online. If there is no router at home Yes, you can recover android data without usb debugging using adb directly plug the optical modem's network cable into the network port of the Raspberry Pi, so that recover auto saved excel files on hard drive the Raspberry Pi can be used as a complete router.

  4. Next, we need to configure the router settings. recover bookmarks on old hard drive internet explorer Do not plug the network cable into the optical modem or the router at home. We first use the recover chrome book files via usb to pc network cable to connect the Raspberry Pi to our computer, and configure it first.

  5. Do not connect recover chrome bookmarks from old hard drive mac the computer to wifi. After the network cable is plugged in, log in to OpenWrt and enter 192 in the recover chrome passwords from hard drive windows 10 browser.168.1.1. You can open the landing page.

  6. Set a password by yourself and click login to recover contacts android broken screen without usb debugging log in

  7. OpenWrt network connection settings, connect the Raspberry Pi OpenWrt to the Internet, recover contacts from galaxy note 2 from usb select the network/Interfaces tab.

  The reason for the new WAN port here is that Wide Area Network recover control of an old hard drive files stands for Wide Area Network, that is, the network port connected to the Internet on the router is recover corrupted files external hard drive mac youtube called the WAN port. This WAN port is newly built for the convenience of use. In fact, it is OK to recover corrupted files from external hard drive reddit configure it directly in the LAN port without creating a new one, but it does not meet the requirements. recover corrupted files from seagate external hard drive specification.

  Click "Add new Interface"

  9. Enter WAN in "Name of the new interface", keep the recover corrupted files from usb flash drive free others intact, and click "submit"

  10. Configure the WAN port

  Configure the WAN port as a static recover corrupted hard drive windows 7 software free IP address, because the IP address of the router in my home is, the mask is 255.255.255 recover damaged portable hard drive on windows 10 .255.0, so my WAN port is configured as IP The mask is also, the DNS recover data deleted from an external hard drive address can be filled in manually.As shown below.

  Raspberry Pi OpenWrt WAN port configuration

   recover data external hard drive after formatting mac It should be noted here that after the configuration is completed, OpenWrt will verify whether the recover data from 1.8 hard drive ipod classic IP in the interface configuration can be obtained. If the interface does not obtain the expected IP recover data from 2 5 inch hard drive address within 30S after clicking Save, OpenWrt will cancel the configuration , So after ensuring that recover data from 2 5 sata hard drive you click the configuration, immediately connect the Raspberry Pi to the router at home with a recover data from a broken external hard drive network cable, and then connect to the router at home. If you successfully open the OpenWrt configuration recover data from a corrupted external hard drive page, it means the configuration is successful. If not, connect the Raspberry Pi to the home router. recover data from a corrupted internal hard drive Reconnect to the computer and choose to force save after 30 is over.

  11. Connect the Raspberry recover data from a corrupted laptop hard drive Pi to the router at home.

  After the WAN port is successfully configured, connect the Raspberry Pi recover data from a damaged external hard drive to the router at home, and the computer is also connected to the router at home. Open the page and recover data from a dead hard drive free you can see the Raspberry Pi OpenWrt configuration page

  In this way, the Raspberry Pi OpenWrt has recover data from a dead hard drive mac successfully connected to the Internet.

  Continue to configure wireless routing below.

  12. Configure recover data from a dead hard drive ps4 the Raspberry Pi OpenWrt wireless routing function

  Install the wireless driver

  Go to the recover data from a dead hard drive software "system/Software" tab of OpenWrt and select "Configuration"

  13. Replace the mirror source

  Replace recover data from a dead laptop hard drive all the sources in "Distribution feeds" with the OpenWrt mirror source of the University of Science recover data from a dead sata hard drive and Technology of China to speed up the update and installation of the software, otherwise there will recover data from a dead seagate external hardrive be errors.

  Replace all as follows:

  src/gz openwrt_core

  src/gz openwrt_base

  src/gz openwrt_luci recover data from a failed ps4 hard drive

  src/gz openwrt_packages

  src/gz openwrt_routing

  src/gz openwrt_telephony

  14. Update recover data from a formatted hard drive free the OpenWrt package

  Click "Update List"

  15. Install the wireless driver

  My Raspberry Pi USB recover data from a hard drive after format network card is EDUP EP-N8508GS, and I tested that the driver supported by it is kmod-rtl8192cu, and recover data from a hard drive insite youtube.com then install the wireless tool wireless-tools, and restart the Raspberry Pi after completion.

  After recover data from a hard drive that clicks restarting the Raspberry Pi, you can see the "NetWorks/Wireless" option. Click "Enable" to enable recover data from a hard drive that won' the wireless. At this time, the wireless named OpenaWrt can be searched on the mobile phone. After recover data from a hard drive without formatting connecting, you can go online.

  Raspberry Pi becomes OpenaWrt wireless router

  Connect your mobile recover data from a pgp encrypted hard drive phone to OpenWrt and you can go online

  17. Wireless configuration

  Click "Edit" to configure the recover data from a portable external hard device OpenWrt wireless router, including setting the wireless name, password, whether to hide, MAC address recover data from accidentally formatted external hard drive filtering, etc.

  18. Related faults and solutions

  Most of the failures of OpenWrt are caused by recover data from accidentally formatted mac hard drive the source speed being too slow. This is due to well-known reasons. We can solve it by replacing the recover data from an external hard drive mac mirror source of the University of Science and Technology of China. If you have the ability, you can recover data from android phone without usb debugging also build a counter-generation to solve it.

  The following are common faults

  The update prompts recover data from android without usb debugging lg "Could not lock /var/lock/opkg.lock"

  opkg_conf_load: Could not lock /var/lock/opkg.lock: Resource recover data from apple hard drive on windows temporarily unavailable.

  rm -f /var/lock/opkg.lock

  Summary: The router configuration of the recover data from broken android oneplus usb debugging Raspberry Pi is really troublesome. You need to define everything by yourself, and the wireless network recover data from broken external hard drive mac card also needs to install the driver, so it is very troublesome. If you are interested, you can recover data from broken phone without usb debugging play.