Let the external hard drive be 100 completely away from the threat of viruses[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-24 03:00

  external hard drive spreads the virus with autorun.With the help of inf files, the virus first usb data recovery software free filehippo copies itself to the external hard drive, and then creates an autorun.inf, when you double-click the usb data recovery software free mac external hard drive, it will be based on autorun.The settings in inf to run the virus in the external usb data recovery software free online hard drive, as long as we can prevent autorun.The creation of the inf file, then even if there is a usb data recovery software full activated virus on the external hard drive, you can only lie down and sleep. You may also think of this, but usb data recovery software fully activated regardless of autorun.What attribute is set by inf, the virus will change it, the method I mentioned usb data recovery software online free is to delete autorun in the root directory.inf file, and then create a folder under the root directory, usb data recovery software open source named autorun.Inf, in this way, because of the principle that files and folders with the same usb data recovery software pixel 2 name can't coexist in the same directory, the virus is powerless and can't create autorun.Inf file, if usb data recovery software without registration there will be a new virus in the future, I will automatically delete the folder, and then create the usb data recovery tool free download file again, I don't know, but at least at this stage, this method is very effective.

  Situation usb data recovery tool windows 7 Analysis:

  Facts show that there are already new viruses that can consciously detect autorun.The usb debugging s8 to recover photos existence of inf, deletes the ones that can be deleted directly, and destroys the ones that can't be usb deleted file recovery free download deleted by renaming; there is also a virus that tricks users into clicking by file names (such as usb deleted file recovery free software important files).exe, novel.exe).For the above two modes of transmission of viruses, only autorun is usb device not recognizeddurring iphone recovery established.The inf folder is irresistible.

  preventive solution:

  1. When inserting the external hard usb device recovery software free download drive, hold down the shift key of the keyboard until the system prompts "The device is available", usb device to recover windows files then do not double-click to open the external hard drive when opening the external hard drive, and usb digital media data recovery software do not use the open option of the right-click menu to open, but use the Explorer (Start-All Programs) usb disk recovery software free download -Accessories-windows explorer) to open it, or use the shortcut key winkey+E to open the explorer, usb doesnt work except in recovery be sure to open the removable device through the tree directory in the left column!(To develop such usb dongle backup and recovery 2012 a good habit)

  2. If there are files of unknown origin in the disk, especially files with tempting usb dongle backup and recovery download file names, you must be more careful; what needs special reminder is that if you don't see the icon usb dongle backup and recovery pro is a folder, it is a folder of course, don't see the icon is. Notepad is of course a notepad, and usb drive corrupted data recovery freeware disguising icons is a common virus trick.

  Keep the external hard drive 100% away from the threat of usb drive data recover in connecticut viruses: