CHKDSK Disk Repair Tool Usage Tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

34 2021-08-24 02:40

  When the computer disk is in use, it will inevitably

  ① Can't open the disk;

  ② The data recovery software for dead hard drives disk was just opened, and the prompt of "application error" suddenly appeared. After clicking "OK" or data recovery software for dropped hard drive "Cancel", the disk was closed immediately;

  ③ The disk can't be opened, and the message "This disk data recovery software for dropped hard drives has not been formatted, do you format it now?"?"The prompt is ridiculous;

  ④ Although the disk can data recovery software for external hardrive reddit be opened, some files (such as pictures, etc.) in the disk can't be opened;

  ⑤ Delete a small, very data recovery software for external hardrive toshib a common file, but it can't be deleted or shredded, and the prompt is-unable to find the way;

  What data recovery software for failed hard drives to do if you encounter such problems?You don't have to go to a computer repair master, you are a data recovery software for hard disk drive master!Just use the small disk repair software-CHKDSK disk repair tool V2.0 Repair can eliminate the data recovery software for laptop hard drive fault and restore the disk to normal.The method is very simple, just follow the software prompts.In data recovery software for mac hard drive order for the disk to work normally, you should use this small software to check and repair each disk data recovery software for sata hard drive from time to time.

  The following shows the usage of this small software in the form of icons, for data recovery software for unbootable hard drive the reference of friends in need.

  ⒈ Software CHKDSK disk repair tool download address: chkdsk disk data recovery software for usb pen drive repair tool V2.1

  Software size: 246 KB

  You can use this software after decompression.

  2. data recovery software free damaged hard drive Detection and repair of non-system disks (other disks except C disk, including external hard drive and data recovery software free external hard disks mobile hard disk):

  figure 1. Double-click the unzipped file "CHKDSK Disk Repair Tool V2. 0. exe", data recovery software from failed hard drive Figure 2 appears:

  figure 2. Type the drive letter of the disk that needs to be detected and repaired data recovery software from usb flash drive at the blinking cursor, such as the drive letter J of the mobile disk, as shown in Figure 3:

  image data recovery software from usb free download 3. After entering the drive letter J of the disk that needs to be overhauled, press Enter, and data recovery software hard drive not detected Figure 4:

  Figure 4. Press any key to start overhauling, and Figure 5 or Figure 6 appears:

  图5. The data recovery software mac external hard drive overhaul is over, there is no problem with this disk, press any key to return.Depending on the data recovery software mac failed hard drive problem, the problematic disk has different repair results.See Figure 6:

  图6. After the overhaul of the data recovery software memory cards usb drives L disc, press any key to return.The disk can be opened, but some files can't be opened, and it has data recovery software on external hard drive been restored to normal after inspection.

  Note: When the overhauled disk is in use, the following data recovery software toshiba external hard disk prompt will appear:

  Chkdsk can't run because the volume is being used by another process.

  If you data recovery software usb drive free download unmount the volume first, Chkdsk may be able to run.

  All open handles for this volume will be data recovery software wd external hard drive invalid.

  Do you want to force unmount the volume.(Y/N)_

  At this time, just type Y at the flashing data recovery that finds unrecognized hard drive cursor, press Enter, and then follow the prompts.

  If you stop running the disk application and close data recovery tool for a hard drive the disk before repairing the disk, the above prompt will not appear.