How to speed up an old computer when it is slow SSD and old external hard drive can be matched[Win11 Solutions]

13 2021-08-24 01:50

  Do you feel that your old computer is getting slower and slower? What to do? It's actually very how to retrieve files from usb after scanning simple. Add a cheap solid-state hard drive to solve it. The speed of SSD+old hard drive will increase how to retrieve files from usb flash drive immediately. Many users don't understand that solid-state hard drive is a kind of mechanical hard how to retrieve files from usb shortcut virus drive. What kind of working method, in simple terms, is to install the system and the mechanical hard how to retrieve files from usb using cmd disk continues to serve as data storage. This method not only meets the performance needs of the how to retrieve files from usb when deleted system for speeding up, but also meets the user's requirements for capacity, the best of both worlds.

  how to retrieve files from usb windows 10  In today's article, we will also briefly introduce some related installation and system setup issues how to retrieve files off a broken usb in the 1+1 (SSD+HDD) solution.

  1+1 don't bother to teach you how to match SSD and old hard how to retrieve files off old hard drive drives

  This collocation method is very suitable for users with low budgets, and at the same time, the how to retrieve hidden files from usb drive effect of improving the old platform is very obvious.So we are also simple and less precautions for how to retrieve hidden files on hard drive the initial installation of solid state drives below.

  SSD system installation

  After the hard disk how to retrieve lost files in hard drive is installed, we light up the computer and first install the system. If you find that your computer how to retrieve lost files on hard drive does not automatically recognize the USB boot item or the hard disk can't be recognized, then we how to retrieve lost files on usb stick need to change the relevant settings in the BIOS.

  Z77 starts the motherboard information screen

  Due how to retrieve missing files from hard drive to the different BIOS setting screens of the motherboard, I chose the latest Z77 motherboard as an how to retrieve permanently deleted files from usb example.As you can see in the picture, the default disk startup in the SATA Mode Selection column how to retrieve saregama carvaan files via usb is in "AHCI" mode. If your new hard disk can't be recognized after it is installed in the computer, how to run recovery disk password from usb we can change to "IDE" mode to make the computer recognize the hard disk again. port.

  Disclaimer: how to run recovery from usb ongateway pc The IDE is changed to make the system compatible and recognize the hard disk. After the system is how to run recovery usb windows 10 pro installed, it should be changed back to AHCI mode again.

  By modifying the IDE/AHCI interface, the hard how to run the dell usb recovery tool disk can be recognized by the system again. If your computer can't be booted via the USB interface, how to run windows 10 recovery from usb you still need to change the startup item, which can be set in the BIOS, or it can be set in the how to run windows 7 recovery from usb BIOS. The screen prompt is to press "F12" to enter the startup item modification screen.

  Start to how to run windows 8 recovery from usb enter the Win7 installation screen

  After the system is installed, we enter the computer to perform how to run windows 8.1 recovery from usb other related settings.

  Regarding the supporting scheme, many users have reflected that 1+1 has a how to run xp recovery console from usb great impact on the boot speed. Some people say that due to the increase in the number of drive how to set up an external recovery drive letters, the disk self-test will take longer, while taking into account the impact of the energy-saving how to setup a usb for password recovery function of mechanical hard drives. It will be about 30% later than using the solid state drive alone. how to start surface pro fom recovery usb In order to verify this situation, the author also prepared a test to see if the situation is that how to transfer multiple recovery discs to usb serious.

  Two-way satisfaction of capacity and performance

  Does 1+1 affect the start speed

  After how to transfer recovery image onto hard drive using the 1+1 scheme, the startup performance did not decrease

  In the above test, we can see how to transfer windows recovery disk to usb that there is not much difference between the two. After using the mechanical hard disk as the slave how to undo esd usb and recover files disk, the boot speed has not changed.We are going to mention here about Autochk.The exe program, which how to unlock encrypted hard drive mac recovery is part of the Microsoft operating system.It will back up and restore the system settings to the how to unlock hard drive in recovery mode initial state.Some netizens reported that it is increasing the delay of the boot speed, so the author how to unlock macbook pro recovery hard drive collects information to solve friends who have this problem:

  Disable POST hard disk in the registry: how to use partition recovery from usb Run Regedit, enter the registry and find the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession how to use a lenovo usb recovery tool Manager

  Then find the value on the right: BootExecute, change the autocheck how to use a recovery usb windows 10 autochk * in BootExecute to autocheck autochk /k:E *.

  Don't put the game in the warehouse again

  Many how to use a recovery usb windows 8 netizens still put games or large programs into the slave disk after using the mechanical hard how to use a usb drive to recover disk, which completely loses the meaning of the existence of the solid state disk, so I also remind how to use a usb recovery flash drive readers to try to choose a large capacity within a reasonable budget. SSD, and put the program into how to use a win 10 recovery usb the system disk or the drive letter partitioned with SSD.The game loading comparison in the figure how to use a windows 7 recovery usb below will verify the difference between the SSD and the mechanical hard drive in the unified how to use a windows 8 recovery usb solution:

  Game loading comparison

  World of Warcraft is 21.For the 5GB client, the loading time is also a how to use a windows 8 usb recovery rare long time reading in the current game. We have seen in many evaluation articles that even if a how to use a windows 8.1 recovery usb solid state drive is used, the loading speed must be about 30 seconds. The last one in the above how to use dell recovery usb windows 10 picture Become an HDD: 43.7 seconds, SSD: 27.3 seconds, the gap of more than 10 seconds is very how to use dell recovery usb windows 8 obvious.

  Summary: The cheapness and high cost performance of the 1+1 solution provide many users with how to use dell usb recovery windows 10 enough room for choice. Maybe you have been worried that the capacity of SSD is too small, and the how to use dell windows 10 recovery usb trade-off with capacity is uneven. Then in the case of the existing solution, you can Dispel the worries how to use dparted to recover usb drive of many users.