The problem that the external hard drive cannot be opened solved[Win11 Solutions]

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  It is strongly recommended that you first anti-virus when opening the external hard drive

  The stellar phoenix hard drive recovery software external hard drive can't be opened by double-clicking it. When you right-click and select Open, you steps of recover a hard drive are prompted to choose the opening method, but after directly opening a blank document, you can open steps to recover hard drive dat a the file in the external hard drive by selecting "Open" in WORD, and upgrade to the latest version. storage usb drive changed to recovery Rising anti-virus software checks and kills, but no virus can be found.Unplug the external hard drive store windows recovery disc on usb and re-insert it, it can be turned on again by using auto play (the above situation will be repeated surface book 2 create recovery usb after turning off the auto play and turning it on again).In the end, the external hard drive surface book boot from recovery usb compartment had to be restored to normal. May I ask who has seen such a situation..

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  In fact, it is very simple to right-click the properties tool surface pad pro 3 recovery usb to repair and generally it will be normal.:handshake :handshake

  Ruan Fang 2007-9-13 21:18 external surface pro 2 create recovery usb hard drive Home

  This must be a virus!I have encountered!

  Hengshun Home Appliances 2007-9-13 21: surface pro 2 recovery image usb 58 external hard drive Home

  This must be a virus!I have encountered!

  Give you a special killing surface pro 2 recovery usb download tool.

  Zhou Lifeng 2007-9-13 23:33

  My F drive also can't be opened automatically: $ :$ :$ :$ :$ : surface pro 2 usb recovery image $

  yang 2007-9-14 08:47 Home of USB

  Ha ha.The virus is causing trouble, there is an autorun.The surface pro 3 boot recovery usb inf file is hidden, this autorun itself is not a virus, it just points to the virus file, you double- surface pro 3 create recovery usb click it to automatically run the virus file.And the real virus has been killed, and you can't find surface pro 3 hard drive recovery the file when you run it, you will be asked to choose an open method.You turn on the hidden file surface pro 3 recovery from usb option of the system, but it is possible that the registry was rewritten by the virus after your machine surface pro 3 recovery image usb was poisoned. If you can't turn it on, turn on the show hidden option.For the time being, I can surface pro 3 recovery media usb only get it on a good computer.

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  The original surface pro 3 recovery module usb poster got the "external hard drive parasite" virus!Just use anti-virus software to clean it up!

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  It is best not to make it run automatically surface pro 3 recovery usb drive when using the external drive, otherwise the virus in the external drive will infect the hard surface pro 3 recovery usb size disk files after it runs automatically. It is recommended that you hold down the shift key when you surface pro 3 usb recovery download plug in the external drive to prevent the virus from running automatically.

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  This virus Kabbah can be checked and killed, AUTO.exe virus

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  [quote] The original thread was published by [i] Yilan Home Appliances[/i] surface pro 4 usb recovery failed on 2007-9-14 22:29 [url=

  This virus Kabbah can be checked and killed, AUTO.exe virus[/quote]

  [size=7][color=red] surface pro boot from recovery usb I have been infected with this virus, Kabbah can't kill.[/color][/size]

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  Luoxue virus special killing tool can be removed.:handshake

  Fu Xin 2007-9-16 13:06

surface windows 8.1 rt usb recovery   Just reformat it: P :P :P ....

  Zhou Yulin 2007-9-29 23:46 Home of external hard drive

  :) is symantec endpoint protection recovery tool usb poisoned, a lot of this situation!!!!!!

  I am afraid of repair 2007-9-30 09:13

  I have also encountered symantec endpoint recovery tool usb boot a situation, please analyze it. I copied a folder on my computer, but it could not be opened on symantec recovery disk iso to usb another computer. It was damaged.It has been so many times, and the antivirus has not found out.

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  Kabbah really can't kill this external hard system image recovery from usb drive drive virus. AVAST anti-virus software can kill it cleanly. You can also use the "external hard drive system image recovery new hard drive virus killing tool" upstairs to check and kill.

  The problem that the external hard drive can't be system image recovery usb flash drive opened (solved):