SSD solid state drive is better than ordinary external hard drive [Win11 Solutions]

29 2021-08-24 00:00

  Recently, due to the advantages of SSD performance, lifespan, ease of use, price and other advantages, turned external hard drive to recovery disk SSD write-back solutions have gradually become popular.Here is a brief explanation of the benefits ubunti recovery mode cant find usb fdisk of using SSD, and then how to use it well!After all, we have to do the right thing first, and ubuntu live cd hard drive data recovery then think of a way to do it right!

  Advantage 1: SSD performance advantages:

  In terms of performance, ubuntu recover data from crashed hard drive the performance of an Intel G3 80G SSD hard disk is equivalent to 3~4 SAS disks and N 7200 rpm ubuntu recover data from encrypted hard drive SATA hard disks.The performance data chart is as follows:

  Advantage 2: The life-span advantage of ubuntu recover data from external hard drive SSD:

  SSD is an electronic product and has a clear life issue, but in fact, everyone does not need ubuntu recover deleted files from usb drive to worry about the life of SSD. The reason is very simple:

  First: The lifespan of an SSD can be used ubuntu recover files from damaged hard drive for write-back disks, which can usually be used for 2 years or more. A piece that everyone has been ubuntu recovery mode move files onto usb using SAS disks for write-back in the past takes about 2 years. In fact, performance and stability ubuntu usb boot windows 7 password recovery will have problems later.

  Second: The life of the SSD can be estimated, but the mechanical disk ubuntu usb not recognizing with chromebook recovery can't, and you can't deal with the problem of refurbishing the mechanical disk; at the same time, after uefi bootable usb acronis backup recovery 11 the performance problem of the SSD, you can use the SSD optimization tool to restore the performance, unable to boot windows 10 recovery usb while the SAS disk can only be replaced. …; At the same time, SSD can use optimization tools to unable to create a dell recovery usb view the E9 value to observe the SSD life and know when the SSD is broken, but SAS can't!

  Advantage unable to create recovery usb windows 10 3: The ease of use advantage of SSD as a solution:

  Many people are entangled. The environment unable to create usb recovery windows 10 of each Internet cafe is different, and the groups of netizens are different. How many machines can a unable to recover anything from hard drive write-back disk bring.This problem has been in the development of diskless for more than ten years, unlimited usb data recovery software free download mechanical disk has not been able to give good advice, but now that SSD makes all this possible, unrecognizable hard drive recover files without formatting according to our sample data collection of Internet cafes across the country, analysis found that the unrevoked com recovery android usb driver zip use of If SSD is used as a write-back disk, the calculation formula for load capacity is very upgrade hard drive windows 10 keep recovery simple:

  The calculation method for how many machines an SSD can carry is: SSD capacity/2G, which is upgraded 8 1 to 10 recovery usb basically equal to its load capacity!Although the formula is like this, we strongly recommend that you usb 2.0 not working after system recovery use a solid state drive product with a single SSD capacity ≥ 120G. Such a product has better performance usb 3 0 driver for windows recovery and life than small capacity, and is more suitable for Internet cafes.

  How many machines can usb 3 0 hard drive data recovery an 80G SSD carry?

  Answer: 80G/2G=40 units.

  How many machines can a 120G SSD carry?

  Answer: usb all data recovery software free download 120G/2G=60 units.

  So how many machines can two 160G SSDs carry.

  Answer: 160G*2 block/2G=160 units

   usb bootable data recovery kit 1 5 How many machines can a 40G SSD carry?

  Answer: 40G SSD products are household products, and their usb bootable disk with partition recovery tool life and performance can't meet user needs, so do not use SSDs less than 80G in Internet cafes, usb bootable os data recovery deleted files otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.