The specific method of WinPE software update and addition[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-23 22:20

  Users are accustomed to using the WinPE tool disk to maintain their computers, but unfortunately, what does hard drive recovery do some of the frequently used software or software versions of WinPE we have are too old.What if the what is a recovery usb drive required software or the latest version of the software is added to the existing WinPE.

  This article what is a recovery usb stick teaches a simple example, so that you can quickly change WinPE and create your own tool disk.Please what is a usb recovery drive be careful: WinPE software updates and additions are not simple write operations. Friends who have what is a usb recovery key failed before must read this article seriously.

  Extract WinPE ready to add software

  Under normal what is a windows recover usb circumstances, in our commonly used WinPE ISO image files, there will be a "*" in the "MINIPE" what is a windows recovery usb directory.IS_" the name of the file (WinPE external software, usually through strong compression, here what is bios crisis recovery usb is WINPE.IS_, but not all WinPE has "*.IS_" name destination file, if you can't find the name destination what is hard drive recovery partition file in the directory, you can't use the following method to add software), after opening with what is hard drive recovery process UltraISO, right-click the file with the mouse, and then select "Extract to ", extract the file (take what is hard drive recovery software extraction to the directory "E:TEST" as an example).

  There are two ways to add software to WinPE, what is hp recovery hard drive one is to add to the desktop, the other is to add to the start menu, partners can choose according what is recovery hard disk drive to their own habits, here we take adding Foxit Reader to the desktop as an example to describe the what size usb for w10 recovery operation process.

  Reminder: Because of the special nature of WinPE, green software must be added, whats a windows ten recovery usb otherwise it will not run.Here is a little trick, you can start the system with WinPE before adding, what's on rufus usb recovery drive and then test whether the software to be added in the hard disk can run normally. If you are reminded when hard drive can recognized recovery of the poor DLL file, copy the relevant files under the operating system directory to the software where to have hard drives recovered In the address directory, until you don't remind you to make a mistake. It is easier to add software where to recover external hard drive software assistance

  To add software to WinPE, it is very troublesome to add software manually. which usb is my recovery software It is necessary to use DOS command line software and DOS command parameters. It is more difficult why create a windows recovery usb for ordinary users, and it is easy to make mistakes.We are not so troublesome, just operate a small why is my usb called recovery software-Windows PE built-in software addition tool, we recommend using 2.Version 0, it supports batch why make a usb recovery drive addition of software, and the operation is more convenient.

  After starting the Windows PE built- why usb recovery cannot uefi boot in software addition tool, click the "Select IS_File" button and select the file "WINPE.IS_" address will a usb cloner recover dat a directory, here is "E:TEST", and then click "Resolve" to display the WinPE software list.

  Click win 10 boot recovery usb download the "Choose to add directory" button and select the software "Foxit Reader.exe" address directory, all win 10 how make usb recovery the file cities in this directory are displayed in the text box in the lower left corner (if it is win 10 recovery and restore usb a single-file green software, only one file will be displayed), double-click to execute the file win 10 recovery only usb image "Foxit Reader.exe", the file will be grayed out. The default location is to add to the desktop, so you win 10 recovery usb creation time don't need to change the location, just change the desktop display name to "Foxit Reader".

  Click win 10 recovery usb not working "Confirm to add" to copy the file to the specified directory, and then click "Pack as IS_" below, it win 10 reinstall usb boot recovery will automatically generate an ISO image file and compress it into "WINPE".IS_", a reminder window win 10 usb boot drive recovery appears to indicate that the construction is complete, and then use UltraISO to open the WinPE image win 7 recovery and restore usb file, and put the new file "WINPE.IS_"covers the original file "WINPE.IS_" and keep it, the new ISO win 7 recovery disk usb download file will be established successfully!

  Reminder: The size of the software added to the beginning win 7 starter recovery usb stick menu should be the same as above, but the adding method is changed to "add to the beginning menu".

  win 8 1 create recovery usb  Before the tool tray, you need to verify whether there is any problem with the created ISO image win 8 1 recovery usb download file. It is recommended to load the modified ISO file in the virtual machine. After startup, you can win 8.1 recovery disc on usb see that the software "Foxit Reader" icon has been added to the desktop.After testing, the software win10 will not make recovery usb can run normally, the software is added successfully, and then using UltraISO or Nero and other burning wind refurbished recovery partition to usb software to burn the image file is a great success.!

  Reminder: If the original WinPE CD (or flash winddos usb bootable utility recover deleted memory) can be booted, it will also support CD (or flash memory) booting after the modification, window 7 password recovery tool usb because the above operation will only affect the external software module, not the WINPE built-in windows 10 32 bit recovery usb software.