Yincan external hard drive compatibility is not good and the solution to the disk drop[Win11 Solutions]

66 2021-08-23 21:40

  There are many external hard drives controlled by Yincan. Starting from Yincan IS902C, after the best free usb drive recovery tool speed of the later Yincan IS902E, IS903 also came out. Yincan has a very bad problem, that is, it is best free usb file recovery software not compatible with some motherboards ( Most of ASRock B7X B8X, some of the latest Z97, some server best free usb flash drive recovery motherboards, as well as some notebooks from ASUS 12 years old, and of course some rubbish USB3.0 best free usb flash recovery software PCIE board and third-party bridge chip of the bridge solution), using USB3.When reading and writing best free usb photo recovery software occur at 0, the USB drive letter is missing and can't be read and written normally.

  Of course, there best free usb recovery for mac is no way to control the risk before the customer buys it, and it is impossible to explain to best free usb recovery software 2015 unreasonable customers why, because many customers are directly affected by the sentence "My other external best free usb recovery software mac drives are normal, but yours is abnormal." The stick is directly killed (the main control is the best hard disk drive recovery company same, the chip is different, the speed is different, the result is still different, there is no best hard disk drive recovery software comparability, and the plan is different, even more incomparable).

  Some people might suspect that it best hard drive benchmark tool recovery is a power supply problem. The power supply problem does exist. If there is a problem with the USB best hard drive data recovery companies power supply, it will be normal if you can't explain it to someone else's computer.

  Let's leave aside best hard drive data recovery company the power supply problem of the computer itself and the problem of USB power supply.

  Finally, best hard drive data recovery program some time ago, a customer who was not a friend of the industry bought me a 903 write-protected external best hard drive data recovery services drive. In his hand, it was a Gigabyte H97. The specific configuration is unknown. Anyway, the test best hard drive data recovery software can't be completed, and the typical compatibility is lost. Disk, it can be solved by canceling the best hard drive data recovery tool DDR function and reducing the speed, but half of the speed will be sacrificed.

  Regarding the speed best hard drive data recovery tools reduction to solve the compatibility problem, it has always been objective. For example, Lexar's best hard drive disk recovery software aluminum shell SLC, we mass-produce it once, and the speed can be increased from 120 to 160 writing. best hard drive file recovery software Maybe the manufacturer has set it long ago. All right.

  I was going to let this customer return the best hard drive format recovery software product, but the customer studied it for a day and told me a bunch of messy theories that I don't best hard drive partition recovery software understand (I don't understand the specific theories, so I won't repeat them here).!For the first time best hard drive photo recovery software in so many years, this kind of person who truly studies problems.

  I promised him. After he told best hard drive recovery company uk me this method, I encountered more than 5 cases that could be solved by his method, so I gave him the best hard drive recovery disks cheapest USB drive for nothing.

  After about two months, I finally made up enough 5 cases of swaps, and 4 best hard drive recovery for mac of them were solved by this method.The other person doesn't cooperate very much.

  Now the method is best hard drive recovery free software announced as follows: if there are customers who have encountered similar problems, please try (I best hard drive recovery linux distros don't know if there will be merchants who post, "We have known this method for a long time"; anyway, I best hard drive recovery program free only released it after experimenting)

  Increase the check of the following two options (of course, best hard drive recovery service reddit it may only work for the first option), which can solve most of the disk crashes caused by compatibility best hard drive recovery service reviews issues (don't blame me for invalidation, I said it is for most situations) of)

  I hope it will best hard drive recovery service uk be helpful to everyone. It can solve the problem that the USB drive of Yincan master control suddenly best hard drive recovery software 2014 dropped the drive letter.