How to make a external hard drive installation disk for the coexistence of 32bit and 64bit systems[Win11 Solutions]

15 2021-08-23 21:20

  How to make a USB installation disk with 32-bit and 64-bit systems coexisting

  Now we all use hp recovery from usb windows 10 external hard drive to install the system, but have you considered such a problem.We usually use external hp recovery from usb windows 8 hard drive to install the system, either 32-bit or 64-bit. Generally, the external hard drive can hp recovery manager external hard drive only hold one system image. Can 32-bit and 64-bit images coexist and be installedThe answer is yes. hp recovery manager hardware driver reinstallation USB home

  Operation steps external hard drive Home

  1.First, download the x86 and x64 version of hp recovery manager insert usb drive the installation image (ISO file). USB home

  2.Boot the prepared external hard drive (at least 8G), hp recovery manager new hard drive I use Windows AIK, and the operation commands are as follows: Home of external hard drive

  create hp recovery manager save to usb partition primary

  select partition 1

  Active external hard drive Home

  format quick fs=fat32

hp recovery manager usb flash drive   assign external hard drive Home

  Note: The disk 1 here is my external hard drive. Users with hp recovery manager usb windows 10 multiple hard disks need to pay attention to the disk number. You can't copy here.! USB home

  3.Unzip hp recovery manager usb windows 8 one of the ISOs directly to the bootable external hard drive (I decompressed the x86 image, but it is hp recovery manager windows 10 usb also possible to unzip the x64 first), and then create another folder in the external hard drive (I hp recovery manager windows 7 usb named it For Win7x64), unzip the x64 ISO into this folder and external drive home

  4.Bcdedit.Copy hp recovery manager windows 8 usb the exe file to the boot folder in the external hard drive (directly run copy c:|windows|system32|bcdedit.exe hp recovery manager windows 8.1 usb x:|boot is fine, replace x with the actual drive letter of your own external drive, the hp recovery manager with external monitor same below)

  5.Run CMD and add the BCD information of the x64 installer under x:|boot:

  x: Home of hp recovery media creation usb drive external drive

  bcdedit /store bcd /create /d "Windows7 x64 Setup" /application osloader external hp recovery media usb windows 10 hard drive Home

  6.Check the startup information in the BCD again, and write down the GUID of the hp recovery on new hard drive "Windows7 x64 Setup" just added:

  bcdedit /store bcd /enum all external hard drive Home

  Find the boot hp recovery to new hard drive menu that is commented as "Windows7 x64 Setup" (it is still empty at this time, only comments and hp recovery tool usb windows 10 GUID), and write down the GUID (this must not be mistaken)

  7.After all, bcdedit is a command line hp recovery usb download windows 10 program. It is easy to make mistakes if you have to manually enter such a long string of GUIDs. hp recovery usb drive windows 10 Therefore, you need to create a new batch file to execute the next commands:

  The batch content is as hp recovery usb drive windows 7 follows (external hard drive letter and GUID are replaced by themselves):

  set WIN_GUID={GUID just hp recovery usb stick windows 8 noted} external hard drive Home

  set ramdiskGUID={7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-eba25f}

  bcdedit /store hp recovery usb windows 10 download bcd /set %WIN_GUID% device ramdisk=[boot]|win7x64|sources|boot.wim,%ramdiskGUID% external hard drive hp recovery usb windows 10 size home

  bcdedit /store bcd /set %WIN_GUID% path windows|system32|boot|winload.exe USB home

  bcdedit hp recovery usb windows 7 download /store bcd /set %WIN_GUID% osdevice ramdisk=[boot]|win7x64|sources|boot.wim,%ramdiskGUID% external hp recovery usb windows 8 1 drive home

  bcdedit /store bcd /set %WIN_GUID% locale en-us USB home

  bcdedit /store bcd /set hp recovery usb windows 8 download %WIN_GUID% detecthal yes

  bcdedit /store bcd /set %WIN_GUID% winpe yes

  bcdedit /store bcd /set %WIN_ hp recovery using usb windows 10 GUID% ems yes

  bcdedit /store bcd /set %WIN_GUID% systemroot windows

  bcdedit /store bcd /set hp recovery windows 10 usb download %WIN_GUID% inherit {bootloadersettings}

  bcdedit /store bcd /displayorder %WIN_GUID% /addlast

  Note: hp recovery windows 8 1 usb Because I decompressed the x64 installation image directly to the win7x64 folder, so the path above hp simplesave external hard drive recovery is this. If the decompressed path is different, then the path here needs to be modified accordingly. hp sparekey usb recovery key download USB home

  After the above operations, we successfully created a external hard drive installation hp stream 11 and usb recovery disk with both windows7 x86 and x64 installation images.What good is this?When you often install the hp stream 11 create recovery usb system for your friends, whether you want to install a 32-bit or 64-bit system, a external hard drive hp stream 11 recovery from usb can do it. external hard drive Home

  How to make a external hard drive installation disk for both hp stream 11 recovery usb download 32-bit and 64-bit systems: