Why is the system faster after adding a solid state drive because SSD becomes a memory performance accelerator[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-23 20:30

  Hard disk and memory have a performance connection?Players are at best doubtful.During the New make windows 8.1 recovery usbfor another pc Year's Day holiday, the author's main test hard drive, a single-disc mechanical hard drive, was locked make windows recovery usb for any pc in a safe, and the author removed a 128GB SSD from the laptop as a system drive.It was this accidental make windows recovery usb on a mac attempt that I accidentally discovered the performance link between memory, mechanical hard drives making a recovery usb for asus notebook and SSD solid state drives. It turns out that SSD solid state drives can greatly improve memory making a recovery usb for windows 10 performance.!

  Subvert mechanical hard drives!SSD becomes a memory performance accelerator

  As one making a recovery usb for windows 7 of the important parts of the computer, the memory is a bridge for communication between the hard disk making a windows 7 recovery disk usb and.It is mainly used to temporarily store computing data in the CPU and data exchanged with external malva style usb repair download for pc storage such as hard disks.Since all programs in the computer run in the memory, the performance manual recovery of external hard drive files and stable operation of the memory have a great impact on the computer.

  Usually we don't care if micro sd data recovery usb cord forum the speed of the hard disk will affect the performance of the memory.We can see the relationship microsoft recover data from external hard drive between the three from such a chain: CPU-memory-hard disk.We know that the performance of the CPU can microsoft recovery usb drive different hard drive be described by leaps and bounds. The memory is a semiconductor like the CPU, so the memory is updated microsoft recovery usb drive new hard drive quickly, and its performance improves quickly.

  Only the performance of mechanical hard disks microsoft recovery usb drive or media creator improves slowly. Perhaps we are used to this slow drag speed, and we have neglected the role of the hard microsoft surface 32gb windows rt recovery usb disk chain.When SSD appeared, these three chains actually changed, and the hard disk chain with microsoft surface pro 3 usb recovery drive weak performance is no longer short board.Therefore, the performance of these three chains has changed, microsoft surface pro 4 usb recovery drive which has caused some incredible phenomena.

  Memory has entered the 30nm era, and the frequency microsoft windows 10 surface usb recovery drive has increased significantly. How far can this progress be.Its standard frequency has been increased minimum disk space for usb recovery drive from 1333MHz to 1600MHz, and the overall overclocking memory has been promoted to 2133-2666MHz, and minitool 6 8 recover hard drive dat a individual memory with good physical fitness can be overclocked to 2800-3200MHz.

  From the 90-45nm 7 minitool partition wizard mac hard drive recovery 75-pin processor era, to the 45-32nm 1156-pin processor era, to the most brilliant 32-22nm 1155-pin minitool power data recovery undetected hard drive processor era.The CPU performance of each era is quite different from each other.

  Let's look at moto z play recovery mode usb enable mechanical hard drives again. To be fair, the technical content of mechanical hard drives is second mount disk windows 10 cmd recovery usb only to CPUs. The increase in capacity is very rapid, from 80GB per platter 10 years ago to 1000GB per mount internal harddrive through windows recovery usb platter today.But the speed of the mechanical hard drive is really lackluster.

  22nm 3570K quad-core move dell recovery partition new hard drive processor + Z77 motherboard

  Hard disk and memory participating in this test

  In this test, we move files to a usb from recovery use the latest 22nm i5 3570K quad-core processor + Z77 motherboard as the test platform, and use move recovery dvd image to hard drive "Hitachi 1TB hard drive" and "" as the system disk, respectively. Perform the following four tests:

  1 move recovery partition to usb windows 10 . AIDA64 memory test

  Test memory read, copy, copy bandwidth speed and memory latency.

  2. File move recovery partition to usb windows 8.1 compression test

  The bandwidth speed of the memory affects the file compression speed of WinRAR. move windows 8 recovery partition to usb Generally speaking, the higher the memory frequency, the faster the file compression speed.

  Mainly move windows recovery to usb windows central perform PCMark Vantage's memory sub-project test, basically showing that the higher the memory frequency, mrchromebook please install a recovery usb stick the higher the score.

  CPU pi test, mainly used to measure memory speed

  Introduction to test msi ge72 apache pro recovery usb download hardware and software system environment

  Apacer 8GB DDR3 2133 Armor Warrior Set CPU-Z Display