USB flash drive can not be formatted in Windows 11 how to do?

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  Symptoms of USB flash drive.

  The system can find the USB flash drive, but when you open it, it will prompt you: "The disk is not formatted, want to format it now?" After pressing OK, the word "Unable to format" will appear again, and I have tried this many times, so it is really crushing. What is the reason for this?

  Home of USB flash drive

  USB flash drive drops cause.

  1, mobile hard disk or U disk, etc., causing damage to data drops.

  USB flash drive

  2, USB flash drive poisoning, such as gray pigeon, auto virus, etc., check the virus is not complete or the virus will U disk system file damage. U disk home

  3, operating system or unconventional operation (such as incompatible drops read and write devices). U disk home

  4, there are also some USB drives with a small switch, if set to lock mode drops, it will become read-only mode, can not write and format. USB flash drive

  USB flash drive solution

  1、Right click on my computer, Management - Storage - Disk Manager, on the right side of the interface, you can see the logo representing the flash drive, click it, select "Create a new partition Click on it, select "New Partition", follow the instructions to complete the formatting and other operations, the problem is expected to be solved. Home of flash drive

  2、Download the "Star Shuttle Low Level Format Tool" to format the flash memory at a low level. USB flash drive home

  USB flash drive repair tool (PortFree Production Program 3.27) How to use.


  (1) Please click "OPTION" at the bottom right corner of the software, the following window will appear. USB flash drive home

  (2) Please select "Others", select "Type" -> "Removable"

  (3) Please select "Capacity Adjust", choose the capacity of your USB drive here; if there is no capacity you want here, please click "ADD" to fill in the capacity you need.

  USB drive home

  (4) Please select "Flash Test", select "Low Level Format"; there are two parameters here, one is All Blocks (it means low formatting the whole disk), and the other is Good Blocks (it means only low-formatted good blocks, this parameter is suitable for U disk containing bad areas) U disk home

  (5) After you select all the above methods, please click "OK" to save the settings, and then connect the USB drive to the computer and click "RUN" to start the low format. Home of USB flash drive

  USB flash drive home

  How to unprotect a USB flash drive without formatting it? U disk home

  I have 360 antivirus installed on my computer, and when I plug in my USB drive, I am prompted to scan or open it in safe mode, both of which I have used. But I don't know when I started to delete my USB drive, but I can't move it, and I can't move the files, and I'm always prompted with write protection errors. Because the floppy disk is write-protected and can not write to the floppy disk, please remove the volume drop write-protection from the drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR8. There are options below to cancel, retry, and continue drops. If I choose retry I get a prompt for file or folder error. What can I do about this. My USB drive is full of important things. I don't want to format it. Is there any way to unprotect it? USB drive home

  If not, the protection may be a file error.

  If it doesn't work, the protection is probably a file error.

  What is the original file format, it is best to also frame into that, should be able to recover, if not frame with USBoot, reset the disk with 0, strong frame. Home

  Remember not to store things in the grid, otherwise it will overwrite the disk U disk home

  Recovering drops will be defective

  USB flash drive in Windows 11 can not be formatted how to do?

  It is also possible that your file system is completely bad, and you can't recover anything after the frame.

  Right-click on the disk drive and select Format, then select Quick Format, select FAT for File System and turn off write protection on the USB drive, and start formatting the disk. After that, use Easyrecover Pro to recover the USB drive files. USB drive home

  The first time you use it, a warning dialog box pops up, skip it, then select the USB drive and click Next to let it scan. When finished, check all the scanned files, select a recovery destination, click Next, and you can recover all the files from the drive.

  Note: After formatting the USB drive, do not write to it.

  Recover files to other locations as above, and then format it.

  PortFree Production Program (U disk repair) 3.27 green version Introduction: U disk home

  Software Name: PortFree Production Program 3.27 Green Edition U disk home

  Software Type: System Software / Disk Tools

  Software Language: Simplified Chinese

  Operating Environment: Win9X/WinXP/Win2000/

  Software size: 470 KB U disk home

  Software Description:The general online drop U disk repair program are Mformat 1.00, in fact, is not good. And this U disk burning repair program is very good, can repair many problems, such as: U disk can be detected, but can not read the data, or inaccessible, become 0 bytes, or the capacity has become smaller these problems ...... and so on, in fact, these problems in your own can be solved, the solution is to carry out burning, U disk burning drop This software can make your U disk regain its capacity and can be read normally. USB drive home

  How to use: USB drive home

  First insert the USB drive into the USB port, after entering the program, tap Options, then tap Low Grid, then select Capacity, exit, tap Run, and then just wait patiently. USB drive home

  Note: Home of USB flash drive

  1, the repair tool can only do repair for the U disk drop formatting errors, can not repair the U disk drop physical damage. Home of USB Flash Drive

  2, the use of the repair tool will destroy all data on the USB drive, including partitions and passwords, please use caution. Home

  3, only when the U disk can not be used normally can try to repair, in general, do not often use.

  Solution: Home of USB flash drive

  The only way to effectively repair a USB drive in this case is to low frame it, but such a repair tool will destroy all the data on the USB drive, including partitions and passwords, and can only do repairs for USB drive formatting errors. This has when the flash drive can not be used properly can try to repair, in general, it is recommended not to use. USB drive home

  After much experimentation and research, it is felt that the use of USB flash drive antivirus experts (usbkiller) is effective, the software is a domestic drop of professional USB flash drive virus special killing tool, can easily solve the USB flash drive problem, and repair the damage caused by virus infection and inaccurate drop settings, but also able to fully scan the disease U disk home

  It is also able to scan for viruses and check for auturun virus, oso virus, autorun.vbs virus and many other USB flash drive viruses, and at the same time it can immunize the USB flash drive to prevent it from being invaded by viruses and ensure the safety of using the USB flash drive from the root.


  The most important thing is that you can use USBKiller to solve the problem of USB flash drive, please refer to the following methods: U disk home

  1, first of all, download the latest version of the drop of USBKiller online, you can on the official website of USBKiller free U disk home

  2, the U disk and the computer connection, open the U disk antivirus experts (USBKiller): U disk home

  3, select the object to be scanned, there are a total of memory, local hard disk, mobile storage devices three options, we recommend that all selected, click "start scanning":.


  USBKiller can be left in the computer and USB flash drive and other mobile storage devices in the drop USB virus, a thorough drop to kill, and will show the results. USB Home

  4, using its "repair tool", you can repair many files or configurations that have been damaged due to the USB drive virus. For example: Home of USB flash drive

  This is the biggest nemesis of the USB flash drive virus. The method of the USB flash drive is shared here. You can try it if you see the need. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.